Anybody seen any Damascus blades lying around. SMH!

I’m a hardcore player with more money in this game then I’d care to admit. Being over a year or so in now I seem to have a stock pile of heros sitting around maxed out on 3rd ascension. The color based ascension items are pretty rare as it is but the Damascus blades and tombs of tactics are just ridiculously rare. If I’m only going to get 1 of these items every couple months when I’m playing diligently every day then it’s just not worth my time and money anymore. What’s the point if I’m playing so hard every day and just sit here at a stand still. Still waiting…:exploding_head:

Playing for almost two years now, always had enough d.blades and tomes on my accounts. I lacked scopes, but even that leveled out in the last couple of month, so hang in and don’t give up. If you master patience here you are ready to manage your life :rofl:


Yeah I’ve managed to do ok on my color based ascension items but they actually have those available in more forms of challenges now. But I’ve had several heros waiting for Damascus blades for quite a while now. I put in work on this thing and I’m passed trying to level up anymore 4* unless they are uniquely powerful or useful. I work 2 jobs, run my own business, and a wife and four kids. Buckets of patience lol. I’ve gotten 1 Damascus blade in 3-4 months. Since every single 5* takes these that makes them 5 times more likely to be needed then the color based ones. Clearly they aren’t coming to people at the ratio people should be getting them. I realize that one day they will just come a flooding in but damnit Bobby!

I feel your pain. I’ve got maybe 10+ 5*s stuck at 3/70 and just the other day got a damascus blade from a titan chest. Hang in there!!

There was a Damascus blade in Fairholme Pass (April 14). The next Fairholme Pass should be in August.


I’ll trade you 2 D blades for 2 tomes lol

If im not mistaken these cycle roughly every 60 days, so if Farholme [D.blade] was on April 15 next one should be in June, probably between 15/20. So till August you should get at least two.
In ten days you should have a tome, maybe during Atlantis.

I have a lot of damascus blades laying around [im almost 10 months in] but i gotta say i was kinda fortunate with those, tomes i have less then half, definitely rarer.

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I was being conservative but I still think the earliest would be July. This is the order so far:

Fairholme: April 14 - for Damascus blade

Fairholme: May 25 (?) - for tome & fine gloves

Shiloh - mid- June (?)

Morlovia - end of June (?)

Fairholme- July (?) - for Damascus blade

That’s my nearest guess, anyway.

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Farholme alternates between blades and tomes? Thank $diety. I’ve got 7 blades and 3 tomes right now.

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