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Hello, freaks of the maths ^_~. I need to know SHOT damage from KAGE to GUIN with buffs from Rigard 48%.

Here we go:
Kage’s attack stats with emblems =893 +196 troops bonus(22% on my troops)=1089 +522 buff bonus 48% = 1611 total attack 1611x450%=7249

Guin’s defense stats 891 +160(18% troops bonus) =1051

formula iiiiis: (100x(1611x450%/1051)^1.35)x2=2711

hmmm. lolwut? where is failure of my ingenious mathematical calculations? or is that right and Kage can shot two body wide Guin?))))

Ok so lets maths it out; I’ll assume that [Theta] = exp(0) for simplicity


Not anytime soon.
The current model is pretty good.
Pokémon also uses a similar damage calculation algorithm too.

I think Kage would hit about 11% harder after being boosted by costumed Rigard:
(450+48)/450 is about 1.11

Why doesn’t Brianne’s special stack with Tiburtus for the defense down or Hawkmoon’s costume for the attack up?

I started an alt to run an experiment and it irks me that these specials overwrite each other.

Normal brienne will stack with Tiburtus. Costume Brienne will not.

Similarly Costume Hawkmoon will over-write Brienne special.

Reason is best explained in this thread:

Essentially, same status effects will over-write each other unless the existing one is “Undispellable” and in that case, the second one will be ignored.


cheers, man. i would use that formula next time, everithing is clear in it now :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t [snipe %] go inside the power of 1.35, as stated in post #13 in this topic?

As I see that, calculations should be like that:

CodeCogsEqn (3)
4.5 - kage special
1.2 - giun is controlled by AI
From that, resulting damage should be 1060. Pretty good, but not enough to one-shot guin.

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Maybe you already have. But is there a way to.dumb this down a bit. None of this is making sense to me

I’m terrible with numbers. So please correct me if I’m wrong: When I want to do the highest possible tile damage (without any bonuses, effects etc.), I should choose those heroes with the highest attack number (the one with the sword) for my team? Example: Ameonna (771) over Sartana (697)?

Yes. Attack stat goes into Calculation. For tiles attack stats of all heroes in the color is added up.

For Special only the attack stat of the firing hero counts.

Troops, defence Bonus and any (de)Buff is calculated for each Hero individually before adding.

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If you don’t mind, can you please check some quick math for me? I’d like to get an idea what amount of damage to expect from each hero I have.

So as a quick test, I calculated how much actual damage Marjana, Joon, costumed Joon, and Malosi would deal to a base hero with 1000 defense stat, and no attack or defense modifiers, assuming Theta=1.

I had the following results:

Marjana (669 attack, 458% special) = 266 damage
Joon (749 attack, 468% special) = 316 damage
Costume Joon (782 attack, 488% special) = 350 damage
Malosi (743 attack, 300% special) = 200 damage

Do they look correct to you?

Look a little on the low side tbh

I made a boo boo in my calculation above. The sniping % goes in as an attack modifier according to this from the OP:

So the formula becomes:

Damage = 100 x [ (Theta x Att stat x Snipe % x Att modifier) / (Def stat x Def modifier) ] 1.35

Or for my simplified purpose (Theta = 1, Defense = 1000, and no other modifiers)

Damage = 100 x [ (Att stat x Snipe %) / 1000] 1.35 or even simpler

Damage = [Att stat x Snipe %] 1.35 / 112

It’s been a long time since college so my math skills aren’t what they used to be but this looks good to me.

Am I far off?

(Sorry for the extra homework)

Follow this & you should get some numbers :slight_smile:
I don’t think your additional simplification works but I haven’t actually mathed it so :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s the same thing. 1 / 112 = (100) / (1000) 1.35

Or you can write it as 0.0089 and multiply it to the result.


I checked also on my side, especially using raids and special attacks.
Overall, it seems that the damage formula is less complex but it seems to be one for each character.
The basic formula D (damage) = a x (total attack) / (total defense) + b works quite well. There is a small piece of variance (random or based on other factor) that I did not search for (too time consuming).

Based on few tryouts I just did, I had good predicted results and an error factor between 0.1% and 6.8% which in my opinion is solid enough to use the formula (or to post it here).

I found a and b values by writing down battles statistics (raids and only special attacks) and MS excel gave me the trend line.

The values I have :

  • Caedmon : a=238, b=189
  • Gormek : a=243, b=79
  • Leonidas : a=323, b=77

Example 1 : Caedmon total attack 754 vs Grimm total defense 640
Predicted damage = 238 * 754 / 640 + 189 = 469.39, real damage was 471 (error 0.3%)

Example 2 : Gormek total attack 659 vs Balthazar total defense 324 (492 -168)
Predicted damage = 243 * 659 / 324 + 79 = 573.25, real damage was 573 (error 0%)

Note : I don’t know if a and b values depend on other parameters like hero evolution, talents, raid arena…

I share this cos I had less than 1% error on 5 out of 8 tryouts so I was pretty excited.

I don’t pretend at all it is THE formula but it provided me sufficient results to know how to adapt know my strategy.
From a programming perspective this formula looks quite odd though…


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Can you give more details about the heroes you used: their levels, their stats, special skill levels, emblems etc. Maybe we could find common patterns to identify a and b.

Kage has an attack by 988 and 450%, i hit the GM with defense 883 and got hit damage 737 and on another shot it was 720. but then i tried to calculate the damage by the formula, i can’t get this values. if formula this - 100х(988х4.5/883)^1.35=886. 886 and 737/720 - is very big difference. Is this a bug in the formula, or am I wrong?

Remember, he specifies that defending heroes get 20% boost, so GM’s defense would be 883 x 1.2 = 1060.

There is also a random factor ranging from .606 to 1.649.

Question: how much health did GM have? Kage deals 450% if the target has more than 50% health remaining, doesn’t he? Otherwise, it’s only 255%, I think.

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