D team/who to ascend

I’m short gloves and compasses, other than that I have lots of mats.

My biggest question is who should tank. I’m inclined to ascend buddy and leave kashrek at 3/60 indefinitely as I have plenty of tanks and my priority is quests, especially the monthly epic quests.

Cyprian and buddy can’t be in the corner. Tarlak is exciting for Titans but I don’t intend to ascend him to the next tier for awhile. I’m thinking maybe from left to right…Sonya-Gormek-Buddy-Cyprian-Li.

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Buddy is about 10% sturdier than Kashh and a bit more dangerous to dump tiles into because of the damage and debuff he hands out. But he’s a bit more vulnerable to a strong red stack. Especially considering that you’re a bit short on firepower in the rest of the front line, though, I’d pick Buddy.

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