Roster advice for leveling and ascension

Hello everyone!

I need some recommendations for working on my heroes.

My current defense team is BT, Cyprian, Kasshrek, Gormek and Li. I am wondering if investing emblems on Kasshrek would be a good idea. I do have one reset emblem if needed. BT is on its way to the max and he’ll get every emblem I can get. Cyprian is only at 6/8 special skill. I am around 1400-1600 cups right now and my defense is more than good enough for it so far.

On offense is where things are not so good. My only offensive choices were the same 5 heroes because I had no 4* blues and no other 4*+ green than Kasshrek. I realized that Kasshrek on offense was holding me back, so I did a bunch of Atlantis pulls, 10+, one epic hero token pull and got some other heroes: Triton x2, LJ, Maggie and Danzaburo.

I have 2 compasses, 8 trap tools and 6 warm capes. Enough for Triton and Cyprian to get to the last level. I wonder if I should go ahead and ascend them. I am also leveling Hu and LJ at the moment. Who else should I focus on to improve my raid team, titan teams and war teams.

Finally, I got a decent number of 3* heroes. Who should I keep/level/eat?

Thanks for your help in advance!

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Kashrek makes a fine tank but you gotta flank him with fast hitters like Triton.

My recommendation would be:

BT - Cyprian - Kashrek - Triton - Li Xiu

Cant recommend much since you are lacking in the hitter department but probably you can flank Kash with 2x Tritons instead.


I really love the sound of Kash and two Triton flanks, that’s a fascinating defense. If they don’t kill Kash quick it will be self perpetuating! Nice idea


2x Tritons flanking Kasshrek really sounds appealing. I’ll try it and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the recommendations Airhawk and infinite!

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Also gonna agree with this. You are way short on hitters, but this would be a brutal defense at your level, I think. Consider that this will limit Cyprian’s usefulness on your main defense, though, as it would push him to one of the wings, where his riposte would only cover two heroes instead of three. It seems like you’ve got enough trap tools to ascend him without worries, but just wanted to point that out. The only hitter you might draw in purple is probably Tiburtus, anyway. Sand Empire is coming up, though, and the four-stars there are purple.

You could go with a “palindrome defense” like: BT - Triton - Kash - Triton - Gormek. The firing order wouldn’t be ideal, since either BT or Gormek would be firing later than you would want, but that’s a small price to pay. As with basically any Kashrek defense, the idea is just to outlast your opponent, so I like Gormek here over Colen. Average mana (vs. slow for Colen) and Gormek has a pile of HP, where I hear Colen is a little more fragile (don’t have him; wouldn’t know). Gormek doesn’t hit hard (BT may help with that a little), but that def down could really help with your lack of hitters and combined with BT’s attack buff. And it lasts for six turns, so even if the firing order isn’t perfect, you should still get some decent overlap between it and BT’s buff.

For where you are, you will probably still be relying on 3-stars for war teams for a while. Here’s my assessment of what you’ve got:

  • Purple: Gill Ra, Balthazar, and Tyrum are all excellent. You made great choices there. Renfeld and Prisca are trash; feed them as soon as you have enough heroes for six war teams. I’d honestly level a second Balthazar or Tyrum over either of them. If you want some variety, Oberon could have some use in specific raid tournaments, but he’s inferior to Balthazar and Tyrum.
  • Yellow: Bane is obviously king of the yellow three-stars, and I wouldn’t hesitate to level a second, as it seems you have been doing. Dawa isn’t that great. I’d feed her and level Melia, who can be great, especially if paired with Brienne in green. I ran a Gan Ju for a while, too, for late war situations where I’m trying to mop up while keeping a healer from firing. Gunnar is a better option for a spirit linker than Kailani, but you could keep one if you need her for something like a cleric class trial.
  • Blue: Ulmer and Valen are both good choices for their niches. I see you’ve already made the same mistake I did in maxing Graymane. Might as well keep him around for a while now; he could help in sorcerer trials. Gato is another excellent fast mana hitter; he is worth having. Also, don’t neglect Gunnar at some point. I leveled him late, and he just saved my bacon last night in the Trials of Justice. Karil is kinda meh. He was my first non-Bane three-star, so I used him forever, but he doesn’t really shine anywhere. Since you have a lot of other good options in blue and you are going to be focused on leveling double Tritons anyway, I’d probably feed him.
  • Green: For three-stars, most people like the three B’s in green - Belith, Brienne, and Berden. You’ve got two of those maxed, which is great. Before alliance wars and class trials were a thing, I fed away Berden and never got him back. Wish I could replace Isshtak with Berden in ranger class trials. If you have enough rangers, feed the lizard away. You might keep Carver for the same reason I gave about Gan Ju, but probably not for anything else. I have a maxed Friar Tuck, but unless you need him for monk class trials, I’d max a second Belith before him. Like you, I have a Muggy sitting at 1^1. He’s too specialized a hero, I think, to make a priority, but I will level him at some point to see what he’s got.
  • Red: Three-star healers are at a premium, so although Hawkmoon’s special is inferior to Belith’s (no dispel), she’s a non-green healer and should be maxed. Namahage packs a self-buffing punch; I still use him in the Trials of Strength. I’d keep one Jahangir for raid tournaments that have three-star, rush attack parameters. He can also help on sorcerer class trials.

One final note: Don’t sleep on Danzaburo. The randomness of his special can be off-putting, but he actually helps more often than he hurts, and his four-star competition in yellow isn’t much. I have him maxed+9, and he still tanks for my platinum-level defense (until I finish working on Boril). Good luck.


I’d be a bit cautious with Triton-Kashh-Triton. Kashh protects against Red, not Green, and Belith, Melendor and Caedmon all dispell in Green.

The savvy opponent will take Greens against you, and will just dispell Kashh’s heal every time it comes up. The only time that flanking a tank with 2 of the same color is a safe move is if the tank is very dangerous to take a neutral color against, or for combos of Yellow and Purple.

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Get Bold Tusk, Triton and Colen done

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When he is lacking in options, this would be optimal.

Enemies stacking green against Kash is the ideal way to take him down but you gotta gamble on a bad board. Also, he is definitely not playing in diamond so this lineup is pretty safe. Most enemies would stack red against Kash in gold or platinum which would be ideal with the Triton duo. Failing to kill Kash would result in alot of pain for the raider.

He’s got plenty of options that are every bit as ready as a 1/1 second Triton. Putting a red next to Kashh, like Gormek, on the other side is much safer as a general strategy, since it doesn’t depend on a bad offensive decision for its effectiveness.

It’s been a while since I was high gold/low platinum, but if people’s reaction to seeing a green flanked by 2 blues is “I’m taking red”…well, they definitely deserve what they get.

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Well since offense has the advantage, I would always prefer to gamble at the way the raider thinks.

Gormek - Triton - Kashrek - Triton - Colen

The above would be my ideal lineup based on his roster.


This is already close to what I used previously for 5* lineup.

Zim - Alasie - Kashrek - Magni - Azlar

Won about 20% of the time in the 2600 range but it does trip up some high rankers on their way up to top 100. :rofl:

My way of trolling some players with Kashrek.

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Hello everyone. First at all, I had a medical emergency that kept me away for a while, so I couldn’t reply to your comments. Thanks for all the wonderful advice.

I had my nephew babysitting my game. Farming 8-7, building when possible and leveling to keep my hero inventory down. Now that I am back I tried TC19 (I had over a thousand rugged clothes) and I am loving it! I have leveled my heroes in the last two days like never before, but I stopped to research TC20. It should be ready in a week to start trying for legendaries.

Without further ado, let me address your comments.

I am using Prisca for food and Renfeld was my only purple after Layla for a while. If needed I will level Balthazar in the future.

Dawa was my second yellow and my third 3*, but I regret ever leveling her. She is food nowdays. Melia will be my next 3* project after second Bane. At the time I am leveling Danzaburo to 3.60 to use with Hu and Li against purple titans. Kailani will remain in the roster, but I am not sure she’ll be leveled.

Graymane was my second blue and kiril my third. I had no 4* blue until triton so I had to level him. He is kinda useless this days. Gunnar will see some action after I max one Triton and level the second to 3.60. Karil will be food and Gato will received some love after Gunnar. Now that I have TC19, this seems doable.

Here the list grows with my 4* projects. It will take me a while to get there, but depending on the trials I will star thinning the herd. The lizard will be a tasty(?) treat for Melendor, given that Tritons and Berden cover for the ranger class. Friar Tuck will be considered if the trials need him.

Hawkmoon is almost finished: 3.30 and 7/8 SS. Namahage will be leveled after I finish Jahangir for the raid tournaments. I gotta say that he would go great next to ulmer and gill-ra in fast skill tournaments!

Thanks a lot for this recommendations! I really wanted to hear some opinions about these guys. Now I can start deciding who is kept and who becomes a meal.

Second reply incoming.


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