Crystalis, Lord Loki or Fernir for my next 5* blue?

Greedings to all!

Finally I got my 6th telescope and I can ascend one more 5* blue. I have already maxed Krampus, c-Magni and Glenda.

The candidates for ascension are the ones I mentioned (plus Thorn and c-Isarnia).
I know Lord Loki is fun to play but I have only one mana troop and it is nowhere near level 23 (only level 12) and I am not sure that a relative slow hero will benefit me.
I don’t have Vela, so I can’t have an idea how good such a hero might be on attack (I think Crysalis is quite similar to Vela). On the other hand, Fernir is a late fight hero, and, I think, quite good at what he is suppose to do.

Thanks in advance for all your insights!

It’s interesting options. Loki is fun all around. Crystalis works, actually well with Vela, since their attack down ailment will stack with each other. Fenrir is also amazing as a sniper. Imo, it would come down to Lord Loki or Fenrir

C-Magni and Fenrir is a solid combo, they both charge at the same time, and you can use C-Magni as a setup spike for Fenrir. The problem is that Magni and Fenrir are both fighters, which can lead to emblem issues. I don’t have Crystalis myself, but she’s basically a stronger Vela and a fast, team-wide attack down has saved my butt many times. Crystalis also greatly benefits from Glenda’s +40% special skill damage: her 150% attack then becomes 190%. Lord Loki is more of a ‘for fun’ hero in my opinion.

Fenrir is a disappointment. Forget you have him. I regret maxing mine.

I would personally go with Loki. He is fun to play and very versatile.

Crystalis is very decent hero, probably efficiency wise the best of these three…

Up to you whether you prefer versatility and a bit of unpredactibility, or a solid though a bit dull AOE attacker.

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Unfortunatelly both figher and wizard emblems are very few. Bold, Magni, Poseidon, Kingston to name a few fighers that need the emblems. Regarding wizards, Onatel, Hel, Kiril, Proteus, Alfrike, Glenda, Jean-Francois, are currently “in battle” for some emblems also

@panoskyr : I am waiting for one scope for LoLo first, then sometime later Fenrir… who is behind in a blue waiting line…

I have left Crystalis for now, as she is similar to Vela… so why have a dup for now. Also, Vela’s attack down is better…

Vela’s and Crystalis attack down stack so running them both in a single team is very effective.

Unfortunatelly I don’t have Vela

Lord Loki is probably the most fun hero to use in the game.

That said,even at +20 he is ridiculously squishy so I’d say he really needs a lot of emblems to be useful

@Suicide_Bunny : For someone loaded with mats, is free to have both together… but NOT me…so since I have a maxed Vela, I have left Crystalis for now as she is a Vela twin.

About stack, well, if I have to take multiple blues, I prefer Glenda, Frida, Cobalt for a better play effect & hardly use Vela these days, except in wars… = don’t need Crystalis… for now… :grinning:

@panoskyr : With Crystalis in your roster, you ain’t missing anything w.r.t. Vela, who is not that super after th nerfs… Crystalis does similar stuff with a different terminology (frost), etc…

ascend, enjoy her :grinning:

Lord Loki is really useful in battles against teams with average and slow heroes that deals damage to AoE, apart from that he’s one of the funniest heroes.

I think that I don’t have the nessasary roster depth not to aim for efficiency. Fun it’s OK , but for me efficiency is better.

Anyway, winning IS fun :grin:

You need another fast hero, I’d go Crystalis, then finish with Lord Loki.

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I have Fenrir +20 emblems. I take him when I go up against minions sometimes. He’s very good at killing

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