Critical Damage - A Short Guide to Understanding

They will get the +36% crit chance. From the buff.

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Do you know how Alexandrine’s crit up interacts with GC’s crit up? Does it stack directly, i.e. a simple addition? Or is it like 2 separate rolls?

Thought I had addressed it in the OP but apparently I didn’t.

How they stack is quite difficult to determine as it affects RNG; making it quite impossible to test and math out as it’s based on sample size and sample bias…

There are two ways different crit chances can stack:

  • Multiplicatively
  • Additively

I personally am inclined towards the multiplicative method as this is how other “stacking” effects work in game, just look at defence debuffs. Additive would potentially allow for >100% crit rate which I find to be unlikely to have been added into the game…

I suppose a test could be to achieve a >100% crit rate (theoretical) and then see if you get 100% of tiles critting. If you get even 1 that doesn’t, I guess that proves the point.

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Most games solve this with a hard cap

Empires has several examples of hidden hard caps ( looking at you Athena v5.0 )


Just quick question…

Does crit chance increase affects also special skills? Or just tiles?

I’m asking because now with mythic titan, I see plenty g. Chameleon with those Pengis.
I know chameleon also gives attack up, but Tethys could be better in such case (if only attack up).

Thanks for the help

Only tiles (and slash attacks in raids/war) can give critical hits. Special skills cannot result in critical hits.

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Chameleon also changes the color of the titan to red. So all the blue tiles you need for Pengi will do double damage. Add attack up and critical chance, he’s perfect for that team.

Even though Pengis do a lot of damage, tiles are also an important part of reaching those high scores.