Critical Chance vs. Attack Boost

or How Gregorion will be loser of season 2.

At first I know heroes will change when released, bla bla… Ok.

But anyway I’ve had the chance to peak at the a video of new heroes, where several of them give different kind of attack boosts. So I generally wanted to compare Critical Chance vs. Attack Boost.

In advance my understanding:
Crit adds the neutral base damage of the hero’s normal attack. No Specials involved.
Attack boost adds the percentage to the normal attack and to the specials.

Assumptions for every hero:

  1. We are not comparing the heroes themselves, but e. g. a standard hero next to them
  2. 100 dmg/ standard attack
  3. Special: 200% of standard attack
  4. Attack and dmg correlate positively
  5. Comparable damage is weak+neutral+strong+special

I) Ares
+54% attack for 4 turns
+36% chance for critical hit for 4 turns
64%chance for normal hit: Weak 77 / Neutral 154 /Strong 308
36% for crit: Weak 231 / Neutral 354 / Strong 462
Special: 308
Damage: (0,64*(77+154+308))+(0,36*(231+354+462))+308 = 1.029,88

II) Gregorion
+30% chance for critical hit for 3 turns
70%chance for normal hit: Weak 50 / Neutral 100 /Strong 200
30% for crit: Weak 150 / Neutral 200 / Strong 300
Special: 200
Damage: (0,7*(50+100+200))+(0,3*(150+200+300))+200 = 640

Some other or new heroes:

III) Boldtusk, Gadeirus:
+48% attack for 4/3 turns
Weak 72,5 / Neutral 148 / Strong 296
Special: 296
Damage: 812,5

IV) Wilbur, Khiona
+45% attack (and further 20%) every time they get hit during 3 turns:
Weak 72,5(82,5) / Neutral 145(165) / Strong 290(330)
Special: 290(330)
Damage: 797,5(907,5)

V) Tarlak
+100% damage for normal attacks for 4 turns (stackable, but no specials):
Weak 100 / Neutral 200 / Strong 400
special: 200
Damage: 900

Conclusion: It is always better to go with Attack boost rather than the chance for a critical hit (or you go with Ares and have both). And Gregorion (or his chance for critical hit) will be much less worth, when there are several 4*/5* heroes with attack boost.

Any logical mistakes or other opinions? Please let me know.


+CRIT could lose to +ATK if the bonus would not have a cap, but with a cap you will aim to have a defense debuffer, the heroes needed to get the capped +ATK bonus and then +CRIT buffer.
+ATK will still be a more reliable source of damage compared to +CRIT.

Said so, trully insane heroes have been shown and I hope that they will come out of beta when balanced accordingly to grant us a fair environment.

PS. I don’t think that putting spirit link and :poop: to make (the actually removed) 14 :star: titans viable would be better than make them gain some interesting effect (like the rare titan ones) while not raising their damage over the top.

But I’m not a beta tester so I’m not actually talking about something I know.
I only leave this here from the “Athena’s nerf case”:

Why would you compare them?just stack them. The only clear winner of them both is Ares.

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crit is 2*hit… so, it become weak 100 / neutral 200 / strong 400

Actually no, it was researched somewhere that it is actually not *2, but +100% that ignores the color weakness/strenght, so the info in OP is correct.


Omg… I’d understand that was damage+100%= damage+damage… ):