An Open letter to the DEVS regarding nerfing Heroes

And please note how they have already pushed it deep down into the general discussion tab instead of leaving such a hot topic on the front Forum page. The last time I became so heated over any subject my post here were scrutinized, I was giving warnings to stop, and a couple of my posts were even blocked without an explanation of why.
I’m feeling a pattern developing. My avatar represents how I feel to the developers of this game. I feed them my money they sadly attempt to produce a product with apparently bare minimum of consideration, testing, and just plain common decency. I hope this issue is not quickly swept under the rug because the big high paying players said it would be bad for their game. Pay attention now and you will see it is the big high playing players that are complaining this time.
You have reached a precipice of no return. Choose your next actions wisely for they may be your last. Good day.


They really did have this hidden didn’t they ? I thought with a new comment on it it’d be up front again but nope had to expand and look for it. Classy E&P I guess :slight_smile:

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As I didn’t spend money (nor get Athena), I feel it disingenuous to add my voice to the general hullabaloo. But you summed up what my players who did get her are feeling:

Yes. It’s already happening. And it’s completely unnecessary.

(I believe a nerf was necessary because Athena was OP…but surely that sort of thing can be figured out in Beta testing?) Cmon Small Giant! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Still no official answer, i wonder what it will take. Lets advertise the thread on global chat so more ppl join and express theyr “gratitude”

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Well, I do not have Athena nor have I spent any money to obtain her. I started my boycott with the whole “gigantic deal” issue. My biggest problem is the fact that the spenders were punished and the non-spenders got a gigantic boost up on the competition ladder. That’s just not right and it really hurt the folks that initially spent money in the game. The fact that the developers were silent in the face of the protests just added to our displeasure and many of my friends left the game.

I stayed but vowed not to spend anything more until this was fixed. My current alliance leader has been working with the devs behind the scenes and he says they are trying to improve but are overwhelmed. They are a small company and struggling to keep up. So I’ve been willing to wait and see what develops. I really liked Athena and was considering purchasing enough gems for 10 rolls on the Epic Summons in an effort to get her, if only to try and improve my dismal Titan hits. I hadn’t bought them yet though and now I’m glad I didn’t.

This latest episode just sours me on the game even more. I understand that this is a small company and a new company. They are going to make mistakes. Even bigger more experienced companies will make mistakes (anyone remember New Coke?), but it’s how those mistakes are handled that determines whether or not the company will succeed. This latest move looks a lot like a scam done on purpose. Is that the case or is it an honest mistake made by fledging game developers? Their silence on the matter doesn’t help.

Dear players,

First of all, thank you everyone for feedback on Athena’s balance change.

To keep the game fun and interesting, there should always be a variety of compelling and competitive strategies to choose from. Our testing process failed to detect how powerful Athena was against Titans, to the point of being the best hero to use against them by far. I want to express my apologies for that.

I would like to make it completely clear that we are absolutely not trying to play unfairly here. In fact, we made the change as soon as we detected the issue instead of waiting the whole month. We have updated our testing process to ensure this does not happen again, although keep in mind regular balancing updates with minor hero tweaks are needed as the game evolves.

We have now updated Athena’s Special Skill to make -4% defense decrease, instead of earlier -2%, which we feel is a good compromise. We have also increased the number of hits limit from 5 to 6. We will also fix the bug with Athena’s status effect stacking with other defense nerfing effects in the near future.

Petri & Small Giant Games team


Also, thank you for sharing your views regarding the moderation principles we follow on the forum. I would like to point out, that we do not hide or delete any threads, that follow our Forum Rules & Community Guidelines. We read actively and appreciate all player feedback. If you have any feedback on the forum functionality, please use this thread: Forum Feedback.


Can you elaborate on the part about increasing the “hits limit from 5 to 6?” Are you referring to the number of turns the debuff is active for? If so, it was previously 4 turns, not 5. If this is not what you meant, please clarify. Myself and others were not aware that there was a “hits limit.” Thank you.


With hit limits, we meant how many times the -4% defense decrease is applied. So the defense decrease per hit can go up to -4 * 6 = -24%. I hope this helps to clarify it!


Seems elementary but I’ll ask for the sake of clarity for everyone…that -24% is on top of the base debuff correct?


Hi Petri
Thank you for dealing with the Athena debuff issue. Although I appreciate it being increased to -4%, it is still far from what was orgianlly advertised at 10%. I still think 6% is a better compromise.
In regards to the hits limits; it still shows that the -4% is only in effect for 4 turns( so a total of 16%)…can you please make sure this updated to the 6.
Thank you


I agree with you. My initial reaction was that i felt it should be -6% as well. And i echo the sentiment about having the in game tooltip updated to show the correct numbers. Long-pressing on an enemy in a battle is incredibly helpful. I rely on those tooltip numbers a lot during a battle so id like them to be as accurate as possible. Though you misunderstood Smore. The debuff is active for 4 turns still, it’s just that the number of gems hits that can increase the debuff is limited to 6 now. So a -24% max increase, i assume on top of the initial debuff.


The status effect is on the enemy for 4 turns. Each time you hit the enemy its defense goes down a 4% with a limit of 6 hits. That means a total of -24% defense decrease added to the base debuff.


That’s what i assumed. Thanks for spelling it out clearly. Should clear up any questions people may have had about the change.


Shouldn’t this be mentioned in the tooltip?

Something like this:
"…and a further 4% decrease every time they are hit up to a maximum of 24% for 4 turns."


Thank you! The swift response within a day of the nerf is not lost on me. I greatly appreciate that you’ve listened to our frustrations and feedback.

However, I have to proceed with caution from here. Most of us were completely unaware of a “hit limit” for the defense debuff for one thing. I would assume you added that in a more stealth way in the nerf since it wasn’t actually mentioned.

I would echo the concerns of my fellow players here. I’m only in initial testing, but I remain a skeptic of the impact another 2% will have. As I’m sure you read earlier, a many of us feel we got a bad beat as it were, frantically scrambling to attain something that showed a great offensive upside only to have it snatched away. I just can’t help but feel like a generic +2% is not a comprehensive fix.

Let me be clear, I’m not looking to do 80,000 damage on a titan. That’s obviously absolutely insane and not in the interest of balance. But I’d sure like to be able to hold my own in raids, too. She still seems like a placeholder on my team until I get a better blue. That’s not what I invested my time, money, and ascension items in.

Again, I appreciate that you’re going to overhaul the testing process to ensure that this does not happen again, at least to this degree. I do accept your reply and rejection of the premise that it was done intentionally. Your response and quick edit proves, at least in the short term, a commitment to fairness and an honest mistake of not seeing an overpowered hero.

Thanks for taking the time.


One final question i just thought of. Is the max limit of 6 hits PER ENEMY or 6 hits total amongst the enemy team? Please tell me it’s per enemy…

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Yep, it is indeed per enemy. Hit limit has been there from the beginning.


I think that if we do the math, we still do not get the super.hero we payed the money for.i am still preety unsatisfied, sry to say it, but is still not the athena it was. The adding debuff from grimm or other heroes was clealry a bug, so i didnt used it,… but 4 % is not the 10 i payed for. I can be happy with a 6% x 6hits add. I can live with that, i think you should reconsider it. And PLEASE do not modify any more heroes after selling them


Thank you @Petri for the responses. It does help to know that our voices are heard. As I stated in an earlier post, I’m not going to pretend to understand the delicate balancing act it takes to keep things running smoothly.

My final point on this issue is this: everyone wanted a hero that was a step above the normal 5* hero. That’s what they were spending their money to try to get. I understand that Athena can’t be “a god” amongst mortals, but in my opinion, these special hero offers (like Hel and Athena) should have just a little more oomph. Make it worth spending the money to obtain the gems and rolling the dice to get them.

I’m not calling for an uprising until we get another couple percentage points added to Athena’s bonus, but if you’d like for the community to continue to support the game, we have to feel like the risk is worth the reward. And sadly this go around it feels like we got burned.


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