Crit question

Can one hero make 2 troops Crit in the same match 3?

Now to figure this out you can only have 1 Crit troop, 1 hero with a talented bonus to Crit, and no buffs. And the weak spot on titans doesn’t count!

Are you askin if more than 1 tile can crit in 1 match?

Each tile has a chance to be a troop from any of the heroes you’re using in a given color

So therefore each tile has a chance to crit if you have a hero with crit chance

At least from my understanding

Idk if that answers your question

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I suspect Crit mechanics allow one Crit per hero per match 3.

So I’m thinking a Crit can only happen on one tile from that one hero. It’s hard to prove though.

Haven’t tested it but I’m positive this is not the case and the crit is tile by tile basis, not match by match

I could very well be wrong though


Try Melia on some level and make some test) I think crit can be on the any tile.

Short answer

Long answer
(What happens in a red color stack when Marjana is blinded, Ares has a crit buff and Gravemaker has 30% wound? OR Color stacking and RNG ( buffs, debuffs and talents ))

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Yeah, gathering that. Been plugging and chugging some numbers and it seems to jibe with randomly assigned tiles.

All that being said, on a mono stack I think the 10% elementals Crit link is equivalent to an addition of 200 base attack to any one hero in the mono.

You can merge if you like. I verified and double checked some numbers. From a percent damage standpoint the element link is, in the case of red with JF, enough to maybe consider the mono.

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