Question on crit and pierce

Hi guys I hv a qn.

If I stack 3 red, and one of them has a crit troop.
When a red tile hits the enemy and it crits, does the damage double from all 3 heroes? Or just the damage from the hero holding the crit troop?

Same as for pierce, if I hv 1 red ranger and 2 red non rangers, and the red tile procs pierce. Do all 3 heroes pierce or just the ranger?

Just the one tile has its damage doubled.
Also, tiles don’t pierce.

Tiles do pierce.

Tks for replies.

Another qn.
So if I have a red ranger and 2 red non rangers.
My red tiles hit a hero with riposte and proc pierce.
Going by ur logic, my my ranger will not receive riposte damage but the other 2 heroes will?

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Yes that is correct.

I see
Tks for clearing it up!

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