Crew-Barons - one spot free - 12-13* titans

2200 cups
4200 defense
Level 50+
10 maxed 5s and 30+ maxed 4/5* 3.70
100k soft target on titans

Currently we are taking on 12/13* titans. We are looking for active players who will use all war flags when opted in and use all of your the titan flags. Friendly atmosphere with plenty of resources to help you grow. Line is required. Feel free to contact me on Line even if you have different requirements, we have alliances of all levels in the Crew family.

Line ID: mpolo67

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Oh here we go folks…not enough posts or members in Barons. Time to change this.

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Afternoonish bump. 3 war wins…in a row. Come flush these fine folks out

New thread, same old awesome alliance!

Bump Crew-Barons looking for a couple new players to join a fun Alliance and great Crew Family.

Sure keep the STAR busy…I see how this works…okay the fee is the same…one chocolate bar for every positive reply

Join the Crew and don’t be a Shrew
Dogzs, Rogues, Barons, Sapphires ,
Jesters, Raiders, and don’t forget the Saders who like to loot too.

okay where’s my chocolate bar

Looking for a new alliance. My defensive power is 4546. Highest trophy 2816. I have 27 lvl 80s and 4 are maxed out: BK, Liana, Vela, Marjana. New to war strategy.

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@Psyclops We would love to have you in Barons! Feel free to contact me on Line @kmelin if you have any questions.

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Click here Check out our reCREWment ad “Welcome to the Crew” !

Still waiting on my chocolate bar…
Crew Barons are not all fat … some actually look good

and looking good too…join now

Seems my friends in Barons could use a few right and proper folks, hit them up.

Is right and proper really necessary how about ruthless…ruthless works

Bumpy bump bump. Barons needs our last 5 spots filled!

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Bumpity bump

20 bump characters

Another bumpity bump bump 4 the Crew-Barons
become part of a great family having fun and learning along the way…There is a Crew 4 you

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To many openings here. Come help grow the family. Barons lead, be a leader.

We’re down to three spots open — so hopefully we’ll fill up soon!

Come on in, the water’s fine!

Only one spot free! Come and join us!

Come one, come all! (Actually that’s really just 2 spots open, but who’s counting?)