3 Hero challenge

So I came across @Xero786 3 hero challenge video. Great vid btw, was a lot of fun…You guys should go check it out as well and give it a try…So I thought I’d give it a go myself. I still find raids my favorite part of the game, and I’m constantly looking at mixing it up a bit by using same color heroes, maybe going in there with low powered heroes or using a mix of the oddest bunch I can muster, etc…But doing these raids with only 3 heroes of the same color took it to a new level of fun.

What I found most interesting though is the fact that your conventional rainbow strategy doesn’t really transfer well on this scenario. At least not from my perspective. I found myself re-thinking the way I raid and was forced to make more diamond moves and even to some extent trying to predict (I think hope is a better word) incoming tiles. I became largely dependent on the possibly of receiving the tiles I needed. So I found myself thinking more moves ahead than I’m used to…And lo and behold it worked more often than not.

Also, it took me a few tries to come up with a more sound approach than simply match 4 or 5. But it paid off. Anyway, here are my last two successful raids. I would be curious to hear from some of you and your description of how (if at all) you had to change your approach…


In first vid. Little under 2 minutes, you waited to fire off magni’s special till after skittle fired his, i would have done it before. I think you were hoping to fill kiril’s mana before firing off magni’s but to me it seemed clear that wasn’t going to happen. Firing off magni before skittle fired would have increased damage of magni’s hit plus lessened the blow to kiril from skittle’s hit. Just my thought. Also seemed like you skipped a big stack of blues in the beginning.

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In 2nd video, you skipped a blue stack again that could have filled magni’s mana and filled up grimm n kiril to at least 75%, is that part of your strategy? Interested in logic behind it, think you see something i don’t. Also i saw you ghost tiles a couple times when magni’s mana was already full. Think i would have used his special first then ghosted to fill it again since he’s fast mana. To me it seems with 3 heros, most damage comes from specials not tiles. Awesome videos, looking forward to more. Grats on both victories by the way!

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You’re absolutely right…Two things I noticed after watching them a few times, is I waited too long and wasted tiles as you’ve already pointed out. The whole thing was a bit of a blur at the time. I have no idea why I felt under so much pressure, hahaha, I think it was because it was something “new” to me. I totally over thought the whole thing…I usually hold their special if I can execute two at a time to kill off off strong maxed heroes. But again, this is my old rainbow mentality and it just isn’t as efficient here. You can almost see the conflict of interests in my moves…Which is why I found it very regarding, like having to learn something new…I think I’ll do this more often and fine tune those skills…Thanks…

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I kinda figured that about the overthinking. I record my raids and war attacks, and notice i overthink during situations too. I definitely miss key matches and special attack executions during titans due to time constraint. Awesome vids though, thanks for taking the time to post them. Look forward to more.

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That’s exactly it, it felt like when I first started hitting titans…Thanks for the feedback, its definitely an acquired skill…

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watching these videos makes me realize I should really slow down and take my time when raiding. I am not up to this type of strategy yet but this gives me some insight on how I perform in a normal raid. Thanks for posting and the explanation from both of you. Very helpful for a NEWB. :smile:

Sure thing, that’s why we do it…Just remember that matching is the easy part, the key is to “see” what the board will (might) look like after your move and if there will be any secondary or more matches (combos). We can’t always predict this but then that’s when “estimated luck” comes in. Also, practice moving your desired tiles as to bring others closer together for future moves/matches… Happy tile matching, err… :laughing:

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well first one went quite well. Scanning the board and taking more time with specials maximized damage and was a win.

PS. still torn about making a pull trying for a rabbit as we discussed earlier. Only got enough for 2 right now.

:rofl: I wish I could give you one of my mine, it seems they’ve multiplied like well, rabbits in my heroes queue…
Fingers crossed for ya…

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Well I talked myself into 1 pull at least so far. I pulled Grimm, which is awesome and much needed. My blue is Boril, Kiril, Karil, Greymane

I’d call it a win.

LOL that’s how they get ya…We’re so weak, just one pull…However, I concur, that’s an awesome team thus far. Make sure you feed them and keep them strong…They’ll take care of you for years and years to come.

In other news, I fell in the same predicament, and just a few moments ago I went over my budget and did one last pull. AND…I might post a video soon… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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looking forward to it!

Still leveling everything I got. Got a TC 9 pumping out colored big macs, a TC13 pumping out some guys, and 1 going to TC14.

Here is what I am working with now. Don’t pay attention to my feeders. Try to get 10 before I feed them.

I just noticed you posted your roster. You have a way better team than you think you do lady. Many great heroes to work with. And now you can add your bunnies to that. I smell a ton of training coming…

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Been training for weeks it seems. My level 9 TC has been non stop. Was short on backpack but now I am low on the wooden swords. Got some work to do.

Thanks. Always nice to get input from others. It just seems all the guys I read about here are not on my roster. I guess I just have to learn to use them better together.

Been using rainbow only, need to look up on color matching.

Just wanted to thank you again for the raid tip in the video. Just won my AW team 41 points with Grimm, Jack, a red 2* and 1*, and yellow 1* trainer.


Ha! That’s awesome. Sounds like one stars turned out to be rockstas…