Costumed Vivica (Secondary Costume) - 5* Holy / Yellow from Season 1


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I always use the strategy to kill her allies or the priority/deadly allies before I kill her just for this reason. Her superior talent can turn a winning board to a lost cause. Once the major threat is handled, I kill her eventually.


I find the superior revive a huge problem whether its a healer or attacking hero. If possible i will use my only mana controller merlin first on a weakened fighter so that when they die even if they revive their skill will not come into play

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Finaly some sense… I’m surprised this aspect was mostly ignored on this thread. Superior revive should be tuned down to 25% mana, perhaps even less…

I agree with this. Far too often (before I adjusted my play to use my mana controller against superior revivers, but this ends up in sub optimal play at times) I would take out a superior reviver only for them to fire 2 or 3 times in a row on me and turn a raid I was winning comfortably into a loss.

This talent is kind of OP when in defense. For me it is neck and neck with the druids superior minion talent.

I really hope superior talents won’t.find a breach to spill beyond S1… just imagining a Khufu costume fighter with superior revive…


I can’t see the issue with superior talents !! It makes the older S1 heroes relevant today doesn’t it? Haven’t we been asking for all our older unused heroes to be given some rejuvenation & I think it’s perfect. Because of this, Lewenas worth has increased since the implementation of them & I wished I had her but I’m sure there’ll be others . I like the fact I can dust off old Khagan & spruce him up with a shiny new costume. They need all the help they can get against the power of the new heroes & all their passives !!! Passives r commonplace now so any extra help an S1 can get to overcome this is a bonus to me. What I do agree with is it ONLY being to S1’s. Of course that means it will find its way into event heroes somehow!!

Is she a good defender with C2? Slow mana is a concern. Not seeing her in top 100 anymore.

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She’s brilliant, don’t forget -39% attack for four turns and 35% chance for revive with 50% mana and dispeller.

I use her in defence in rush, left flank, Ludwig and Miki on right flank with big hitters in the wings.

Opposition do struggle with that defence :doughnut:

She is not a top contender. But she does well for me on all wars as tank. I have her handing me atleast 2 flags per kill. One of the wars i was last standing for reset and ate 5 flags.
Her revive and mana up 50% is incredible. Her attack down cripples and her over heal is just more than enough to win a lot of battles. She is also in my offense as the primary healer and debuffer as well. I use her without LB.

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Testing her now. The 39% atk down is awesome.