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Hi @Steve1

As I see you are prone on having fun on short term (and I hope you’ll be interested in what I say; :rofl: joking) I will answer on the heroes I see fun to play with in raids.

But first, for the guys to put near your Boril setup, you surely need hp boost heroes, like Celidana; although I prefer Joon. Also 4s over 3s for sure. Anna-belle removes your counter and hp boost over time, so you’ll have to see if her or BT is better for you playstyle.

For raids I would level, to have fun, the following:
Mist, Anna-belle, Lemmin_, Joon, Lianna, Brienne, Scarlett

Take care and have fun! :slight_smile:

The forum seems to love Wilbur, should I run him up?

Also, really dumb Q here, I just pulled Sanngrior. (As someone said, it’s not about the best heroes, it’s about the best heroes you have.). So if I raise her up, I’ll have two over-healers. Suppose I put them both on flank, with perhaps Cyprian in the middle. How high can the healing go?? If I can keep setting off blue and yellow tiles, can Cyprian conceivably go 2-3-4x max health?

Depends on your roster. I used to have him for titans. But with roster increase and items, i remained only with GFalcon. I hardly use him now.
Ofcourse I am talking about normal Wilbur. I guess C_Wilbur is nice for titans, but Miki does his job really well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: .

I think it’s 100% max boosted. See Heimdhall description below:


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Congrats on reaching level 100, and your CcViv @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::birthday::clinking_glasses:

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Thx!!! I thought the avatar was just an anime girl, but she’s Viv (see bandana)… and CcViv dropss!!! Ooohhhhh… aaalllieeenssss… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :slight_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

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Could you plz advise who to select in fated summon? My options:

  • Is a second Skadi worth it? I already have one max with fully emblemed. There are a lot of minion summoners out there but Skadi’s attack stat is quite low :thinking:
  • Freya: I saw a lot of people selected her, why? Is she good for war attack team or something? I have Frosth and Bera. Unfortunately, I don’t have Penguin :smiling_face_with_tear:
  • Onatel: good mana control, but I have only 800 emblems for her :pensive: still useable?
  • Tarlak/Ratatoskr: People say Tarlak is mainly for titan, so perhaps Ratatoskr? I have several green healers: Arco, Lady of the Lake (5* star), and Ptolemy (4* star)

I took Ariel, healer do not age too fast.

I would not even mind a second one, 40% heal, clean and mana boost on average speed is quite ok. She is nearly comparable with rigard? Yes but much more sturdy…

Happy gaming


If you have only Wu / Bertulf / Edelaide / Ranvir for titans I would pick Tarlak. I have Miki and I will pick him.
All fated heroes are not prime heroes: they have no costumes and are more or less obsolete. With what he does Tarlak will stay usable. So thats my vote.



after finishing hard and using all coins, a month later from the gathered 155 coins… I caught a kitty (first s5 5star)


Just wanted to share my own joy in a similar vein, it only took me nearly 4 years to pull a seasonal hero from a season portal again (last one was Mitsuko when I barely started with the game).

Both reds somehow, and I’m already short one red aether-3 for Alucard. Wat do?



Congrats on your Suzuna and Lucy @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


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my f2p stashed gems paid off