Costume Seshat vs Seshat with Costume bonus

So according to the poll in the Costume Seshat thread, it looks like the majority of players believe C-Seshat is better than the regular. While I do agree dispelling before hitting is obviously an improvement, I am not sure it is worth the 30% reduction in her hit (370 vs 400), or her class change (ranger to barbarian). I have 3 main reasons why I think regular Seshat with C-bonus is better. 1.) Her stronger hit could easily be the difference between killing or almost killing the target. 2.) As a ranger, she can bypass defensive buffs anyways. 3.) If your opponent has no buffs, C-Seshat is of course, worse.
So my question is, does the dispel before hit out way the lower % hit, and the class change? (Of course the ranger class would be pointless with the costume lol, but barbarian class is very underwhelming.)

I seem to be in minority, but I think Seshat’s costume is very situational and I find its utility very niche.

If you fight someone with:

  • spirit link (Mica, Aegir - not very popular currently)
  • regular counter attack
  • major defense buff (not Freya-like, as that’s offset by lower attack on hit so not really an improvement; more like Agrafena’s)

then the costume might be better choice. But all these perks are not really that common in defenses nowadays.

If I had to choose one, I’d like regular Seshat more.

I don’t think the excitement for it is anyhow justified, other than novelty. Back when Kageburado brought this nuance, there were definitely more situations where it could be useful (lot of Aegirs, Guinevres etc). Now it’s not that common, but people still have Kageburado flashbacks it seems.


it is situationally better on attack. for defense i believe the normal version is better.

the costume is 100% reliable against defense buffs like normal defense, special defense, counter attack, damage reduction and most importantly Black Knight and ludwig.

normal seshat is 25% reliable against that and don’t think she can bypass Black Knight or damage reduction but not sure on the damage reduction

it is just good to have options with the costume against certain teams


The only place I could see using her Costume personally is when there is Sif or other counter attack or dodge heroes. I’d switch to her costume just for dispell and since Sif is Holy, extra hitting power against her. However, without those kinds of heroes on defense, I’d stick with her vanilla version.

Both useful, but I’d take the extra hitting power over the dispell.

Vanilla Seshat can be used on offense and defense but her Costume would be most benefical only on offense where you could control who she hits.


Costume would be great against Sif because counter-attack but also damage halving. Also against Wolfgang, for similar reasons (if not paired with other family heroes). And of course BK (removes that drop to 1 before hit).

Otherwise 370% damage is so-so even with Family bonus so regular outfit is better. And prettier.


100% much better looking for sure lol

(Change for the better… gives more enthusiasm)

This phrase should have been applied to the new costumes.
Now, is it reasonable for me to use a 370 percent Knockdown of a 5-star hero against New Seasons and Event Heroes who have a high Strength (Shield 900) (HP 1600)?
Never no and a thousand no…

The classic heroes’ costume should have been better developed in order to be more competitive and exciting against these mighty opponents.

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Yeah, I too don’t believe that priority dispel justifies -30% skill damage. So what if the priority dispel hits 3 targets, she’s still a weaker kage. Got her and wished I had GM instead

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Talking in general, yes…sure you want that 400%; but if we go beyond and think deeper:
1 - is that 400% really impacting all those new 800/900% shield stats? Is Seshat a killer? No.
2 - still 400% is better than 370%, yes; but if you bring Seshat to the battle for the dispell, is that stronger hit so impacting? No.
3 - 'cause against riposters as Elena/c-Elena probably you’re going to sacrifice your hero.
4 - 'cause against Sif your going to loose half of that hit because of the -50% damage reduction.
5 - 'cause against BK you have a big chance to waste your hit because of the “only flesh wound”.
So, the dispell before hit is crucial to fully have it.
Even only at 370%.
Just my opinion.


I agree with bunny… I would just like to add side note, that dispell first heroes are great vs taunters, where they destroy their defensive capabilites to hurt them stronger than if they did dmg first (black knight for example or ludvig)

second side notes are counter attacks… dispell first makes your hero live

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And I’m lucky enough to have Kunch so that’s another 15% attack plus the 4% mana link for all as they are both 2019 hotms, so I’m happy I pulled her costume.

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Ya those are fair points. I think her costume is definitely very good on offence in those situations. I am glad to have that option, but as far as which I will get used more in general, and which side to pick on which emblem path, I still think regular Seshat with costume bonus probably edges Costume Seshat out, but I dont think by much. If the formations didnt get changed, and Siff was still everywhere, I think I would favor her Costume by just a bit.

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Yeah, certainly in some scenarios a priority dispel can work better than normal speed dispel. But generally I consider dispel as more of a secondary effect. A sniper’s main role is to deal high single target damage, and tbh any sniper that doesn’t deal at least 400% damage conditional/unconditionally is annoying to me no matter how good the secondary skills are. Example, see Russel.


Agree with you on snipers damage, but…are we sure that 400%, even with high attack stats, is really still a snipering standard for this meta? I’m not that sure.

Well it should be…

Attack stat is going up, while def stat for top tanks is still limited to around 840 (excluding costumed krampus)

Before tanks had low attack stat (BK, Telluria, Heim Kunch, etc,…), now difference is mostly new tanks also having above 730 attack stat while no real increase in def…

I leveled up Seshat to lvl 80 and it costume but never got 5, 5, 10, 5 costume bonus, only 3, 3, 6, 1.

Any thoughts?

Onyl S1 costumes get this costume bonus

All other costumes have lower figures on the bonus…


Working as expected:

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If there is a debate, that means the costume was developed well and created a “side grade” vs straight up improvement.

Seshat is great and doesn’t need a costume. But something like this that doesn’t make her original version completely worthless if a perfect solution.


Thank you guys.

I wanted to point that topic starter’s calculation is not correct:

“I am not sure it is worth the 30% reduction in her hit (370 vs 400)”

370 vs 400 - this is not 30% reduction, it is actually around 8% reduction. But lets calculate with the real numbers here

My Seshat is lvl 80 +9

Regular attack 812 x 400% = 3248
Costumed attack 841 x 370% = 3111

So the real difference is around 4%.

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