2nd Onyx or C-Seshat?

Please help me decide: Which ranger should I choose next? Already have Onyx at +19. Thanks!

  • 2nd Onyx
  • Costumed Seshat

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I voted C-Seshat for variety :slight_smile: she’s also still quite a good hero.


Seshat-c dispells first. Onyx goes kamikaze and then dispells.

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I have and love both of them. C-Seshat is awesome against counterattack heroes, she dispels before hitting unlike Onyx. While Onyx can prevent the counterattack from sticking it often takes to long and he ends up doing the “kamikaze” thing… I use C-Seshat for counterattack dispels and Onyx for everything else, and no regrets at having both.


C.Seshat for variety
It’s the key to the game
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’m pretty excited about having pulled C-Seshat in Tavern of Legends! Still working on her. My two fast purples right now are Lepiota and Kageburado, both +20. I wonder if I’ll replace Lepiota in defense with Seshat.

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Lepiota os defense. C-Seshat is offense.


What other very fast dark heroes do you have? If you can build a team of 3 or 4 Dark heroes who can charge in 6 tiles, you’ll win a lot of raids easily

Unfortunately, I don’t have other very fast dark heroes, only fast Freya and Sartana.

@Bud that’s so interesting. I usually find C-Seshat so much more troublesome when I raid or fight against her. She always seems to be around at the end of a fight and I can’t quite finish her off.

I almost never see Lepiota in other folks’ defense. And I always wonder how effective she is in mine… because of the RNG she only has a partial chance of targeting the hero I would want to target.

But she pairs nicely with Lidenbrock and Elizabeth for the family bonus.

ETA: Seshat seems like she would be more self-sufficient in a defensive situation, pseudo-healing herself with minions over time.

Thanks for bringing this up. Think I was tired and confused Lepiota for Bera bssed on picture in my head.

I use Seshat in my main attack squad (mono). Her costume (which mine does not have) makes her much better imo.

Carry on.

Thanks all for your responses and votes