Costume Richard and Lianna

Hey all,

So I was lucky enough to get these two during the last summon portal, and I had two ideas I’d like some opinions on.

#1: emblem pathing Richard
So since my Richard is still a babe at +7, it’s not too onerous to steer his talent tree in a different direction. My problem is that Paladin and Barbarian are almost mutually exclusive; the optimal path for one class is the suboptimal for the other. Paladin Richard, especially with emblems and costume bonus, is quite the powerhouse… but barbarian Richard is just straight better, hand waving how weak wound is as a talent and all other things being equal.

I’m leaning towards keeping Richard as Paladin path because my blue stack nowadays is mostly Magni and Viking Sonya with a +20 Kiril thrown in, so he doesn’t come out that often. His main job is war tank and occasionally raid tank these days. But I’d like an opinion all the same.

  • Go barbarian!
  • Stay paladin!

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#2: base Lianna

I finally got the sixth tonic to ascend Lianna who has now replaced Peters in my 3tack green and is doing great. I focused on Sailor Lianna since she’d level up faster and… should I even waste any time on base Lianna?

Here’s the thing: Seshat has already called dibs on my ranger emblems and is generally a better hero for defense than Lianna. Sailor Lianna is better for offense. And I need more diverse greens to deal with the sea of Boril tanks in alliance wars, and getting base Lianna to 4/80 would take time and not help with that at all.

  • Max out base Lianna!
  • Eh just leave her. Sailor is fine.

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In a similar vein, I’m probably leaving base Melendor where he is because Saruman Melendor is just generally better. :man_shrugging:t2:

And finally just to pester @zephyr1… are you still focusing on embleming 4* heroes? I’m finding I need to focus on my 5* due to all the 4300+ TP defenses I keep crashing into. Your strategy was of great help early on, and I’m curious to hear if anything has changed.

Thanks for your time, and hoping to hear some great feedback!

Tbh I think base is just plain better… Richard is a tanky grinder - he’s not the hardest hitter, but he wears you down and makes himself even harder to kill than his tanky stats already make him. Paladin is the better class for this and 6vs4 turns attack debuff is potentially significant.
I would: Max costume for stat bonus, but focus emblem tree on Paladin side.

Base is a killer, plain and simple. Costume has a stalling element - but what use is that unless you leave the enemy alive?
Costume maxed for stat bonus, then base becomes even less likely to leave targets alive on the field…
IMHO: again max the costume, but you’ll probably find better utility in the base hero (I do).

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I’m working on some 4*, and some 5*.

I’ve found that’s still working well for me on Offense in War, where I’m tackling a lot of 4300-4500+ teams on 5-6 of my hits.

My Emblemed 4* depth helps me a ton there.

My main priorities for 5* are War Defense, and Classes where they’re my best option at this point.

Here’s my current and next priorities list:

  • Barbarian: Azlar +6 (not on War Defense); stopping now to save Emblems to put some on Nordri (hopefully, if I get him), then probably back to Azlar

  • Cleric: Hansel +17 going to +18; then saving in case I get Mist

  • Druid: Caedmon +12, going to +18

  • Fighter: Colen +12, going to +18; after him, likely Magni, who’s on my War Defense

  • Monk: Joon +4 (on War Defense), will continue to +7 and then reevaluate priorities

  • Paladin: Arthur +3 (not on War Defense); currently evaluating possibly bringing Frida and/or Richard to +3 as well, to distribute Emblems for Offense

  • Ranger: Tiburtus +17, going to +18; next up is Seshat, who’s my War Defense tank, and gets frequent use on Offense

  • Rogue: Inari +6; pausing now to see if I get a new Rogue from S3

  • Sorcerer: Ameonna +16, going to +18; after her, I’m not sure…I have few options, so I might bank them for a while and see what S3 brings

  • Wizard: Merlin +9, going to +18; after him, likely JF, who’s on my War Defense now


Barbarian Richard is better at tank IMHO. Attacking teams will plan to take your tank out as quickly as possible. Both versions will almost always get at least one special off though. Take advantage of that higher damage before hes taken out.

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