Is Krampus (no costume bonus) worthy on defense?

Sorry if this is a weird/silly question, but I pulled him in the Solstice and I don’t have his costume (don’t think I’ll pull during Christmas either since I already have the rest of the family). I don’t really have a good blue tank, and I’m thinking of him skipping the queue of blue ascensions. I know normal Krampus with costume bonus is good, do you think the bonus is make or break in this meta?

I have Krampus without costume bonus and he works good on defence. I’m almost always sitting over 2600 cups.


Okay thanks, I just needed to check as when I was looking through all the top defenses I don’t really see any without costume bonus so I wonder if people sub him out when they don’t have the costume :sweat_smile:

Just to second what was already said, I switched him out recently, but when I was using him till about a month ago I was staying over 2600 normally, only switched him when Milena got finished

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With LB, his stats are strong even without the costume bonus


Got him on my defense team, Lb +19. Does his job well.

Also good on offense, always use him during wars


Okay thanks guys, appreciate the replies and confirmation :slightly_smiling_face:

Even without the costume bonus, Krampus is a great hero. You’ll have no regrets for maxing him.

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I currently use Krampus on defence (don’t have his costume) at +20 and LB

Sometimes switch him out for Kara +20 and LB

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Which one do
You think is better between kara and Krampus?

I don’t have Kara trained but I use Krampus constantly. I prefer the straight up uncleansable defense up instead of just special attacks.

My personal preference has been Krampus…. I don’t know why but I always feel that he lives longer in battle


That’s actually effect of C Krampus nerf. When C Krampus was SO OP, people who are currently in top defences were chasing him (and got him). Now, after nerf, they use uncostumed version, but with costume bonus BECAUSE they used to use costumed one.

It’s not because regular Krampus without costume is useless - it’s just because these people had this costume earlier and not making them for a bonus would be stupid.


I still don’t like fighting krampus.

I’m testing a reverse v with odin xnol pengi bertilla and mai… And I’m around 2700… But when i want bag with slow heroes I’m around 2600… So I’m not sure i really care if i lose on raid defenses.

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Taunter tanks(or anywhere on standard defense formation) aren’t the best heroes except for rush flanks when you are competing at higher levels. They still seem to work well otherwise.

Taunt however in my opinion is one the best offensive skills which works really well against the more meta defenses with a lot of aoe hitters. I have regular Krampus, Ludwig, and Kara and use them all regularly on offense.