Kadilen, Kadilen costume or Lady Locke

Hello! It’s for a friend’s defense team.
At the moment it’s - LL-JF-Richard costume-Rigard costume-LIXiu costume. All talented. She got Kadilen costume in tavern. She’s planning to level both normal and costume and then she’ll have 8 talents. What would be best defense in your oppinion? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Kadilen costume is absolutely amazing

Think she would make a nice flank or tank

Maybe LL - JF - Richard - Kad costume - Rigard costume ?


I agree with @FrenziedEye eye, Li Xiu is the one to drop to insert costume Kadilen in.

Good luck!


Kadilen as tank even without emblem allowed me to stay at the same cup than my my ursena +18.
She is flying under the radar ^^.

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Lady Locke is amazing, but really shouldn’t be on a defense team. I guess if you have nothing else.

Yeah, that Kad will be a good flank or tank. I’m more partial to the original hero than the costume though, when I’ve fought her.

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