So I’m completely confused and need help understanding this…

I have TWO Brienne’s and ONE costume. I maxed one Brienne, and leveled the other to 3/1. Then, I maxed her costume.

Why is my maxed Brienne not showing the bonus for the costume maxing??

@olmor @guvnor @gryphonknight @rigs @zephyr1 @jinbatsu can you guys help me with this?


Because each individual costume must be levelled.

What you summon in the Portal is a costume PATTERN. You then use that pattern on each unique copy of the hero (thus becoming an actual costume). You then level the costume up to get the full benefits.

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So you have to repeatedly level the same costume over and over again for each hero?

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That is the dumbest ish ever. Ugh. Definitely won’t be investing in this again unless they change that whenever they bring them back. I rather just summon a hero max it once and throw emblems on it for a stat bonus smh.

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This is correct

I’ve already leveled 2 rigard costumes, working on a 3rd…


That’s stupid as hell (the way they have the costume leveling set up not you), but to each their own. I’ll pass until they change that part of it.

Thanks for the info, feel free to close the thread since an answer was provided.

Well… you won’t be costumes for a very long time :stuck_out_tongue:

They have made a couple statements about the costumes being patterns in the summons portal. That is how they are referred to by the Devs both In Game (in the descriptions) and in their forum posts.

To me it kinda makes sense… All you’re doing is putting on an outfit which (somehow) grants them new skills. the hero then needs to learn how to use those skills.
Moving that outfit from one hero to the next doesn’t transfer the learning that the original hero went through.


I don’t see it that way. Imagine having 2 5* heroes and you get a costume that can be “shared” among those heroes…

You spend however many ham and mat resources to max both of those heroes, now you have to level the costume twice just so that one of them can get a stat boost? I rather just max one of them and give them emblems for all of that, 1 att node is 15 pts, def is 18 and hp is 36, it’s not worth it and doesn’t make sense to keep having to level it over and over. And it costs the same as a hero summons? To each their own, but I don’t like it and it seems very excessive. We already had to complete the quest to get keys or summon with gems, and we already leveled it as well as all of the heroes it’s going on. That should be enough.

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I for one as a hero wouldn’t wanna be wearing someone else’s sweaty nasty costume/outfit :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, if you’re only able to use the levelled costume on one hero at a time (i.e. it being shared between heroes), how is it different to what is in place now? You just leave it on the best hero available?

Now what I will say is that if someone wants stat boost on dupe heroes that their costume is maxed for then of course each hero getting that boost needs to be maxed as well as the costume itself, but to have to level the costume over from 1 to max each time, no way.

Lol, we may just have to agree to disagree on this one, it’s excessive and doesn’t need to be that way. I feel like once you get it you should have to level it once of course, but that’s that, if you have dupe heroes you want to benefit from the stat boost then they need to max that hero, but they shouldn’t have to max the costume again just for the stat boost. It sits in a perpetual (not the right word but can’t find the right one LOL) inventory, the stat boost should apply across all maxed heroes it fits for kind of like element link. Now if someone wants to actually have 2 dupes wearing 2 costumes at the same time then okay fine one outfit can’t physicall fit for 2 people. But the stat boost itself should be very simple, the costume in inventory is maxed, the maxed heroes it fits should get the stat boost, the same way you’re not wearing the costume when the boost is on your regular hero.

As per OP request.

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