Gunnar and brienne costume together?

Given Gunnar and Brienne is it worth using both in any combo of reg, reg or reg,cos or cos res or cos, cos?
They are similar and mainly I’m looking offense but if defense works I’ll consider.
Currently they are 3.1 reg and 3.50 costume with max skills so I’m wondering a out combos to see if I should finish the reg side, and I know it’s not much but I’ve got 4 and 5s backed up to do too.

Soon there’s gonna need to be a textbook with all the new heroes with s3, new event and seasonal knowing what they do and synergies lol. New class EP 101…lol

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Personally I maxed two copies of Bienne & costume (both with +7… Only 3* hero with emblems).

My Gunnar I only have 1x of.

I personally don’t use regular Gunnar much at all/ ever… Even on defence I don’t often use him except for MAYBE the 3* Rush Attack No Green.

The Costume Gunnar & Regular Brienne is a potent combination. Particularly useful for when you’re wanting to kill using tiles without aiming anything (e.g. challenge events).

If you’re dealing with a single target/ one with lots and lots of HP (e.g. a titan or stage 15 challenge event) costume Brienne is the better as her ongokng defence down will make successive hits more damaging (compared to Gunnar who is static).

Overall I personally use Brienne & Costume Brienne combination more. The last Tournament we had they were both staples in my 3-2 attack (off- colour 2x stack).


Costumed Gunnar -> costumed brienne -> regular brienne. Then let the tiles fly!


Thanks. I’ll leave Gunnar at 3.1 just run the max costume for now. I have brienne at 3.1 with max cos. I will just max another so I can use both at once. I’ve always been an attack type player from back in Atari 2600 til now so support play is new but a necessary thing now.

I came here to say this.

Also nice:
OG Gunnar + Costumed Gunnar + OG Brienne
like a mini Wilbur effect +atk boost

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Take a look at the top player listing during 3* tourneys.

You often see Brienne and Gunnar being used.

Like now during Buff booster tourney,

They are super useful,

The costumes let u be more creative in designing ur defensive line

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