New Costumes FAQs! Please read for answers to most questions before posting new questions

FAQs for the New Costumes released into Empires and Puzzles

Hi all, been seeing a lot of the same questions popping up about Costumes… SO! I’ve gone and made a FAQ for the costume release into the wild!

I’ll start off with these cool graphics which summarise all the current Costumes, comparing Before Costume Bonus, Vanilla WITH costume bonus and then the NEW Costumed hero. Can’t remember where they came from so… Credit to whoever made them, these are AWESOME!

Click for summary pictures

Once again, not my own. I am not the creator of these.

Link to Levelling Up & Ascending A Costume - Costs, Materials & Experience!!!

Here are the top questions asked and answers.


  • Put simply you summon a Costume PATTERN in the Costume Summon Portal (Graphic below).
    • This portal opens when the Costume Quest appears (Same as Atlantis Portal opens when Atlantis Rises Opens).
    • For the frequency of Costume Quests, check out FAQ #10 below.
  • You can summon patterns one of three ways:
    1. Single summon by spending 5 Costume Keys.
    2. Single summon by spending 300 gems.
    3. 10x summon by spending 2600 gems.
  • Summon rates are comparable to Hero Summon Odds.
    • Rare = 70.0%
    • Epic = 26.0%
    • Legendary (Featured) = 1.5% (of getting one of 2 legendary costumes)
    • Legendary (Non-Featured) = 2.5% (of getting one of the other 6 legendary costumes)
  • NOTE ON THE ODDS!! Yes it appears that Featured Legendary has a lower % odds compared to the Non-Featured BUT if you break it down on a Per-Hero chance:
    • Featured Costumes = 2. Thus 1.5% divide 2 = 0.75% chance of getting either of the Featured Legendary Heroes
    • Non-Featured Legendary = 6. Thus 2.5% divide 6 = 0.4166% chance of getting one of the 6 other legendary costumes
    • Note, as more Legendary costumes are introduced, the comparative liklihood of a Featured Costume will increase more.
Click for pictures

Costume quest and costume chamber portal:

Costume chamber summon costs:

Costume summon odds:


  • Costume Quest Completion
    • Right now, the only place you can get the costumes is by completing stages in the Costume Quests.
    • This is a challenge structured similar to the Class Trials.
    • You earn:
      • 1x Key for completing a 2500 TP challenge,
      • 2x Keys for completing a 3200 TP Challenge and;
      • 3x keys for completing a 4000 TP Challenge
      • 6 keys in total available per challenge
    • the published frequency of the Costume Quests is in FAQ #10 below.
  • It is my PERSONAL HOPE that Keys will be added to Mystic Vision, Monster and PvP chests and Elemental chests (Same as Atlantis Coins were).
  • I also personally hope that the number of Keys you earn by completing the quests is increased… 6 keys is not very much really…
Click for pictures

Sorry, forgot to take a SS pre completion… Will update if someone can give me one? Table from @zephyr1s post Here

Stage Label TP Recommended :triangular_flag_on_post: WE :key: Costume Keys
1 “Easy” 2500 4 1
2 “Medium” 3500 12 2
3 “Challenging” 4000 20 3

0c. How do I apply a costume???

  • Good news is that it automatically applies!
  • As soon as you get a costume that matches a hero/s you have in your Roster, it should AUTOMATICALLY apply the costume to all copies of that hero in your roster.
  • Refer to FAQ #1 below regarding wearing & taking off the costume (toggling it). Note that this does not affect the application of the Costume Bonus (See FAQ #12 RE costume bonus).

1. My hero now is at 1-1!!

  • yes, costumes must be levelled up too! (Didn’t think you’d get it for nothing…?) Note with levelling a costume that it is capped in ascension to the same point as the underlying hero.
  • you can also toggle between the 1-1 costume and the normal hero! No progress is lost, just another path you can follow. Simply tap the hero in the roster and hit the arrow button on screen.
Click for pictures

Toggle between costume “on” and “off”

2. Levelling my costume?

  • can be leveled the normal way by feeding heroes to it OR by feeding it costumes (this is new & unique)
  • Levelling up a Costume requirements in the “Click for pictures” below.
  • BUT! the highlights are that its quicker to level a Costume because:
    • Increased experience!!
    • reduced food cost per level
    • Plus you can feed duplicate costumes (more below) for BULK exp.
    • Some data updated in pics below. More to come.
Click for pictures

Total Exp requirements to Max a Costume:

Experience Gained by Feeding Heroes & Costumes:

Special Skill Increase Percentage:

Cost of Ascending (Material & Food Requirements):

Feeding a hero:

Again, will add a full graphic about levelling costumes when there is one :slight_smile:

3. All my XYZ hero now have the costume?

  • yes! What you summon from the portal is a costume PATTERN.
  • Each heroes then wears a COSTUME OUTFIT made from this PATTERN.
  • Each costume however must be levelled up individually. I.e. levelling costume a will not reflect/transfer onto hero b wearing the same costume
  • NOTE AGAIN, levelling a hero costume is capped at the same ascension tier as the underlying hero… A 1-1 base hero cannot have a costume out of tier 1.

4. Changed class… What happens to my emblems?

  • nothing! Nothing happens to the emblems you’ve already spent, they’re still on your normal hero (refer to 1 about the toggling)
  • To be very clear about Emblems and costumes!
    • A hero can ONLY get emblems from its original class.
      • E.g. Normal Joon = monk, Costume Joon = Fighter. Can still only give nodes using MONK emblems, regardless of if it is costumed or not.
    • Emblem effects ONLY kick in once the costume is maxed also!
      • A +20 normal cleric Rigard will have +20 on his costume WHEN the costume also hits 4-70
    • Emblem Path is inherited from the original Hero!
      • So using +20 Rigard again, if you went L,R,L,L,L,R,L on normal Rigard, the costume emblem pathway will also be L,R,L,L,L,R,L…
      • The path will be the same but the benefits at each node will change cause it’s a different class
  • Another thread has been started asking if you will reset/ change emblem paths because of the new Costumes. Link Here

4b. Why do the costumes change Class at all???

Best I can tell there are a two main reasons:

  1. Access to a different Class bonus talents.
    • Changing from a Monk to a Fighter changes the talent from Withstand to Revive.
    • This new talent may better suit the new costume play styles…
    • Could also be viewed from a perspective of gaining access to a BETTER class/talent by spending the emblems of a WEAKER class (e.g. upgrading from Wizard to Rogue)
  2. Additional Versatility
    • Primarily this is in relation to Class Trials! The new costumes will be usable in the costumes new class trials!!!
    • Means you get extra versatility from the same hero, being able to compete in more trials…

5. Ascending my new costume?

  • Yes! As you need to level the costume, you also have to ascend the costume
  • BUT, like the levelling, the ascension materials/requirements are reduced!!! 4* and 5* costumes need much less in terms of non-farmable mats.

6. Duplicate costumes?

  • Eat them!!! You get a massive exp boost for feeding costumes. Similar to using a trainer hero.
  • When feeding a hero and you have duplicate costumes, there is a new little tab when selecting the feeders which says “Costumes”
  • Note with this, the game WILL NOT let you feed the last copy of a Costume so you don’t need to worry about locking heroes!
Click for pictures

7. Costume but no hero?

  • it’ll just sit in your inventory until you get that hero :slight_smile: no sweat there cause it doesn’t take up any hero roster space.
  • You can check these out at any time by going to Inventory & tapping the new Costumes tab.
Click for pictures

8. In war, can a costume and not costume be used?

  • short answer, no. It’s still just 1 hero with two looks.
    * Link to my logic/ reasoning HERE
  • Confirmed in another thread by a Beta Tester. Link: Is it possible to use a costume version of a hero separately in Alliance Wars?
  • NOTABLE EXCEPTION: You can use a costumed and non costumed hero as long as you have two of that hero. If you have two Boldtusks, your defence could have a regular one and an Iron Chef costumed one, you just need to Level two of BT… One all the way to max, other to at least 4-1 with costume to 4-70.

9. I can’t use/change the costume, it says it’s locked?

  • examples of why it’s locked would be in a war or tournament defence. Again it’s just one hero… Can’t wear two gowns at once.
  • Think of it like an Alter-Ego… You can’t have Bruce Wayne and Batman in the room at the same time (parallel universe cross-overs excepted). Same you can’t have the same hero being both personalities.
  • NOTABLE EXCEPTION: (as above) You can use a costumed and non costumed hero as long as you have two of that hero.
Click for pictures

10. What is the Costume Rotation? How often will it appear? will there be different bosses & different stages like the Class Trials?

  • Initial release indicates it will be open once a month. So pencil it in for either the the third Monday of each month (Stay tuned once it comes around again). - Link to release Info
  • Regarding different bosses/ stages like Class Trials, its not yet known. It seems likely that there will be different types but again, stay tuned!!
  • NOTE: I or a forum mod will update when more is known here!

11. Locking my new costumes? Could I accidentally feed my costume? Could I accidentally feed my costumed hero?

  • Answer, NO! There doesn’t appear to be any mechanic to lock a costume BUT, the game won’t let you feed the last copy of a costume (Graphic hidden below).
  • As for feeding a Hero who you’ve levelled a costume, well if you LOCK that hero, you can’t accidentally feed him (Graphic also below)
Click for pictures

“Last copy of this costume” message:

Refresher on locking hero:

12. Base Stat bonus…? What gives???

First off, lets read the Costume Bonus description:
“Costume Bonus permanently increases the stats of the Hero AND their Costume. Bonuses can be increased by ascending and fully levelling up a costume of the hero”

Costume Bonus Pictures

So, couple things we can take out of that description!

  1. The costumes give an automatic boost to the base hero & costume hero stats as compared to the normal vanilla hero before you got a costume.
  2. Initially, this stat boost IS NOT AT THE MAXIMUM available. It gets better as you level and ascend the costume through its tiers.
  3. This bonus is based on the BASE STATS of the hero. As it is applied to the hero card itself, any further multipliers (like troops or in game buffs) will be even better!!!
  4. It is permanent. This goes back to the fact that you can NEVER get rid of all the costumes from a hero. You can choose to not wear it/ use it but it will ALWAYS give you that buff in the stats :smiley:

A note on the Costume Bonus needing to be levelled up, graphic below shows the progression of Costume Bonus with levelling up the Costume. RED text is estimated.

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Small correction:

4* heroes need 1x 3* Ascension Material

5* heroes need 4x 3* Ascension Material


Updated. Are you sure tho? Had a friend say that he only used one orb for Viv… And @Traggeter said it was one only too?

It requires 4x in Beta, including based on testing it right now.

It’s possible they changed that in the live game. :man_shrugging:

It’s really stupid that the same costume must be leveled twice for 2 of the same hero to benefit from it. I guess it’s something that they don’t make you have multiple dupes of the same costume, but c’mon…

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I haven’t verified this yet, but I’m guessing this could be clarified to something like, you can use a costumed and non costumed hero as long as you have two of that hero. If you have two Boldtusks, your defense could have a regular one and an Iron Chef costumed one.

Great work! Thanks for putting this together!


Do you get the costume bonus, if a fully ascended hero wears a non leveled costume or does that weaken the hero to the shown stats?

Imo those costumes are too much for the game and more confusing than improving it.


It takes 4 coats to cover her fully.


Not sure if this is the place to ask, but do we know if the costume quest is going to be different each time? As in, different bosses next month?

Thanks for the FAQ!

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I have also been unclear on how the costume bonus works. Are the stats shown on the maxed costumed card (e.g., in the Costume Chamber) accounting for the bonus or not? I’d guess no, as a quick check reveals that costumed Bane doesn’t have 105% of the attack of non-costumed Bane.

Another way of saying this (again, only if my guess is correct):
The maxed costume, as shown in the chamber is the baseline. The costume bonus is then applied on top of that.

(That said, I am less than 100% certain.)

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So, I’ve pulled 3 costumes now, and only one of them changes the special skill of the hero. Tyrum’s costume changes him from a debuff on the enemy to a dispell on allies. However, Li Xiu and Bane only change the Character class of the hero. What’s up with that? Is this a bug? Is the only benefit we get for leveling the costume the “costume bonus”?

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Gonna join the crowd of people confused about how the stat bonuses work.

I ascended my Isarnia costume one rank. Now Isarnia, both costumed and not, have a couple of % costume bonus stats. So those apply regardless of whether the costume is equipped, yes? And do you only see the bonus applied when in battle?

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If you look at the special skill descriptions for the maxed costumes, you will see that they are a bit different in terms of their strength and effect. In Bane’s case, the damage drops 20% but the accuracy debuff increases 5%.

These costumes are the biggest waste of time & money yet! Same old poop, different pile.

Candy crush has thousands of levels. Why can’t SG crank out Season 3?


So continue playing Candy Crush. Cheers :slight_smile:


I am still confused. I got a costume for Boldtusk, fully ascended. So if my understanding is correct I can only put fighter emblems on since that is the class of the original Boldtusk. So if I put the costume on and he becomes a Monk he still works with his fighter emblems but can now fight in a trails as a Monk? At the moment my fully ascended Boldtusk is 644 with the costume it is 313. So the costume is of no value until its fully ascended?


Thanks Paranoia. That’s what I was thinking, but just wasn’t sure. Li Xiu is the same. Her Damage % goes up, but the mana drain went down. Also her max stats increase a decent amount. I was just expecting more dramatic changes like those for Rigard, etc.

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I was lucky (I guess) to pull the isarnia costume. I currently have a 3/70 Isarnia. I have currently leveled the costume to 3/60. I have stopped for now because I am unsure if I need to fully ascended my 3/70 isarnia to get the largest bonus from the costume?

It wouldn’t seems to make sense to be able to level a costume to 4/80 and get the full stats from the costume when the base character is still 3/70.

Should I have waited to level up and ascend the costume with only having my Isarnia at 3/70? Should I continue to ascend the costume ands then ascend the original version of isarnia after?

I am confused by this. I don’t want to lose out on any benefits of the costume with leveling it up on a 3/70 Isarnia that isn’t fully ascended. but want to max it and hopefully emblem this Sort version of isarnia.

Anyone have clarification on this?

How much exp does it give though??

For example, the 1-4 trainer heroes give more if you use them on a same colored hero. A 1 star will give 1000 exp, 2 star gives 1500, 3 star gives 2500, and 4 star gives 5000 exp on different colored heroes. If used on same color heroes, then they give 1200, 1800, 3000, and 6000 exp if I did the math right. 5% bonus I think it is.

So my question is. My duplicate Bane costume, gives Bane costume 9528 exp, but that’s only cause that’s the max exp to reach level 50. So do duplicate costumes give like 10,000 exp or more, and I should wait until ascending him to get the max exp from it?? or is 9528 all the exp a level 3 duplicate costume gives and should just use now instead of waiting to use on next ascension tier

Another example. For Joon costume, a 3 star light costume will give him 4800 exp. While a non-light 3 star costume gives him 3200 exp. It seems there’s no info on how much duplicate costumes give, other than just “a lot more”. I just don’t want to waste a lot of exp on base tier if it gives a lot more than 9500+…

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