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Can someone tell me how to get this font?:point_down:t4:

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That appears to be the same font as everyone else… they’ve just used characters with accents
Åøūï etc


That are turkish letters.

Btw, welcome here @Billionairebroad :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, Olmor! I was hoping it was simple as that. I will see if I can add the Turkish keyboard to my saved keyboards. Thank you, again! :slight_smile:

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On android I can tap and hold the keyboard letters and all of those variations appear above the letter I’m picking.


So, what is that font called? The system font probably contains Turkish characters, but I doubt the font itself is Turkish.

Here’s another example:

I tried identifying it w/ Font Squirrel, but no luck… Could someone please identify the system font?

[UPDATE: I found that the right half is Chinese, but I still don’t know what underlying font the system uses.]

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I’d be interested, too, not because of the Turkish characters (whic an good font will have to support full unicode characters), but because of the kering-through-overlap in the font. For example:
Notice how both the “t” and “a” cut into the vertical risers of the characters to their left. I’ve never seen that effect on a font before.


Mystery partially solved…

The system appears to be using MS Gothic, or at least something w/ the same character set. However, although it seems all the MS Gothic characters will show up in the text entry box, not all of them will display.

For example, here’s a random smattering of MS Gothic characters (as they appear in Word):

Here’s how they show in the text entry:

…but only two of these five will actually display:


Solution here :sunglasses:


Got it and have made 2 for my teammates, sent them on discord and they copy-pasted it, cause I’m the one who has too much time in our alliance :smile:image


someone sent me that: if you use it your alliance cant be found anymore. try to search that one you posted and you will see. Otherwise it would be real stylish :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t get the alliance description, game chat or featured board to use the increased font code anymore

[%150] for example


(teasing) It is the Aife Affect

Click for actual discussion

Pretty sure they are not using any kerning table.

IIRC it happens in MS when using art fonts and font effects which also do not use a kerning table. Been a long time since I was a gopher.

Basically they have some long names like Danzaburo, and Balthazar, so they mucked with right side font spacing to induce deliberate overlap.

Similar to JPEG compression, the very small loss of information does not interfere with the total information transfer ( especially since you can click on the hero to view the name without the info loss ) but reduces the space required to transmit the information ( or in this case display the information).


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Here’s another site that can be used to generate fancy characters:


This problem was brought up in a Bugs & Issues thread back in March, but still nothing has been done about it:

This is one reason why people starting multiple threads on the same issue is problematic: it makes it hard to see when there is already an answer.

@princess1 it’s intentionally disabled.


Fairly good option but half of cool fonts on this page won’t work in game display

you need to keep copying between webpage / your notepad / and input new name

Wow, thanks! Yes, I must have missed that when it was first posted.


If you are looking for exact effect of font you mentioned above then there are multiple sites where you can find it but I used stylish text for such cool and fancy effect/text here you can also find thousands of new effects.

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Here is a Zalgo Text without any font

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