Improper Account Name

Hi guys and girls

Somehow I cant use the following name as my account name. It doesnt recognise the E and the D, even tho they are both latin characters. Really strange… does someone know why E&P havent integrated these characters?

Ψ Pоѕᴇıᴅоп Ψ

Thanks for help!

@zephyr1 Do you know why this wont work or can you ask someone from the E&P developer?

I’ve seen people have issues with characters that aren’t in the Basic Latin Unicode block. Only a very small subset of Unicode is supported in the game.

I’m not sure why it’s implemented that way, but it is. Some people with non-Latin names have had issues with their names not showing in the game at all.

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ye i understand if its non-latin. but these characters are both latin so this is very strange to me

Latin has extended sets in Unicode. They’re apparently not all supported.

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damnit… thx dude :slight_smile:

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