2 Questions about in game font colour stuff

I know how to type a word in 1 color, but there are some kinds of multiple colors combined in 1 word I don’t know-how.

  1. How to make a message like this:

  2. I also saw people sent messages with a flash on the word, I don’t have a screenshot for it now, for example, the word “alliance” they typed, in red color and a flash goes from left to right repeatedly.

Appreciate for any help, Thanks!

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Its a color tool. I have it. You type the text in then choose 3 colors. It then creates a transition of three colors. Basically you can do the same but it takes knowing lots of color codes and putting them every few letters. Google text color empires ill edit this in a sec once I find the name of tool. I made shortcut to launch it. Free spirits color tool.

He sent that recruitment msg 4 times within 8 minutes? Talk about spamming

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well it’s not an english channel, not much ppl there really so w/eeee

Thank you i want the tool lol!

Free spirits color tool. Its still available. Once you use it you can just copy the text then just paste it and replace the text with stuff you want so you don’t have to keep using the tool just replace the text between the colors.

its probably in the alliance recruitment channel. THey don’t like it in peer support and will tell you as much. You can do most anything in PS but not recruit. Some try but quickly get told where to go.

Free spirits color tool, is that the name of app, I couldn’t find it on ggl play store.

Its not in store, its a web app. I use it on my phone. Just go to the page I linked below and create a shortcut on your home screen. This way it just loads it automatically. It is very easy to use and like I said after one use you can see what it does. Basically it takes your 3 color choices and inserts the text around different shades. Here is the tool.

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