400 barbarian emblems to spend

I have 400 barb emblems and not a good place to put them. My player score is 73 and Def team it 4300+. I’, comfortable around 2600 cups. With that all said I have great and Grimm maxed, Gormek +11 & LJ+6, Azlar3-70, and Obankan1-1.

My red R Mitz 18&4m Marijane+18, Zim+11, BT+20,+18,4-70, Anzogh4-80,Grazul4-52(growing), Bladur 3-70. I have Nashgar but in 3*s use Ei-Dum, Barchan and c-Hawkmoon and in rushes Jahangir

purple Seshat+18 & 4-80, Sartana+16, Panther +13,Khiona+6,Proteua+15, Clariss4-80, C-Rigard19,4-70,4-70, Sabrina+19, 4-70, c-Dom 3-70, c-Quintus 2-59 and growing

So do I keep holding or level Azlar or spend them on Gormek/LJ??

I wouldn’t feed LJ or Gormek anymore. I’d save for Azlar and hope you get his costume later or a better Barbarian option.

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I wouldn’t give Gormek any more emblems
But in my honest opinion Little John is worth getting to +11
Good luck

Wow !! All I can say is that you have other heroes not mentioned on that post for you to be able get that high, especially if you only have a 4300TP defensive team and maintain having 2600 cups every time you wake up in the morning with only those heroes you have mentioned. Maybe that is your trophy count after you have used all raid flags in your attempt to fill your raid chest. I dunno.

I also don’t know what player score of 73 is, I might chalk that as your trophy leaderboard ranking at that time. If so, that and the cup you have fluctuates regularly.

My only suggestion is to emblem the hero/es you oftentimes use in both offense and defense. If you don’t use the hero that much, then don’t emblem them as it is an unnecessary waste of food and iron, as well as reset emblem if you later on plan to reset the emblems of such hero to be allocated to a much better hero. Who knows, you may get lucky getting Gravemaker, Kageburado or Black Knight or some other heroes really worth the barbarian emblems. These are the heroes worth investing barbarian emblems to. For 4 star heroes, Gormek has low attack but with beefier stats. However, his function of regular defense down of -34% to 3 enemy heroes is shadowed by Wilbur, who applies regular defense down to all enemy heroes at a much higher rate of -44%, among other things. I have my Gormek obtained in 2018 still stuck at 3/60 since I have 3 Wilburs leveled. Grimm is the better hero among the 2 Pulverizers to invest barbarian emblems to (you can’t use them on Tiburtus). If you have Nordri, he is worth the emblems for rare and/or epic challenge events. There are several other heroes which may be viable to be emblemed, i.e. Miki, Azlar with costume, Atomos, Jott, Gretel, etc.

But then again, emblem the hero/es you oftentimes use in both offense and defense.

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