Barbarian emblem question

I have over 600 emblems which is a good thing. I have little options to use them however. First is Namahage, who is great for 3 star tournaments, but that’s all I’d use him for. Other is Little John who can be very useful with emblems, but I have other 4 star greens I’d use over him. I have reset emblems when there’s a better candidate but I’m not sure I want to use food and iron when neither excite me. Any suggestions?

Do you have Grimm?

If you don’t use LJ or Namahage much there’s not much point in spending the emblems there…

I think LJ is pretty powerful on offence and that there aren’t many 4* who are better in a stack than him (Hansel & Peter’s are really the only exceptions… Melendor sometimes).

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Very helpful, thanks Guv! I have 2 Azlar but too many good red block him. I will ponder that info, the reset coins help a lot. Who knows, maybe I’ll love LJ with the bulk. Namahage seems like a bad idea.

For me it’s all about useage… Emblem the heroes you use most…

If you’re only using 3* heroes in events and tournaments it’s probably not worthwhile unless you’re competing high up in events.

Do you mean Azlar the 5* or Azar the 3* red?

5* azlar is a great one with barbarian Emblems :stuck_out_tongue: but I guess there are other more worthy reds waiting on the rings and other ascension mats huh?

Great advice! Yeah, it’s azlar. Have Santa and Grazul before him, already have Mits maxes, love using her.

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I have LJ at +17 right now. The reason is because if you ever lack damage building secondary/third teams for war he becomes very useful at smashing through tanks or clean ups since ghosting is easier.

Personally I am focused on titans and war and being able to boost your damage output is always a good thing in this regard.

Test them out a bit more before embleming them to see if there is a certain play style they offer you or you can build around with them, don’t waste your food/ham just yet.

I would recommend LJ, slow mana sucks, but he hits like a truck in tile damage and is solid on events.

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I love Grimm myself, if you have one. With the exception of Avalon and Thunder Unicorn titan, he is very helpful especially on all other titans. He is a regular fixture in 4* Raid Tournament teams, Epic and Legendary tier Challenge Event teams, and Titan Attack teams. I went +Attack and +Defense as much as possible.


Great suggestion!

20 thanks

I’d love to have Grimm. I have Tibs, and use him a lot even with a stack of good purple. That ramming pulverizer is super helpful, thanks!

Do you have Tiburtus’ costume? I honestly prefer the Defense Down on All Enemies (Tibs in Costume) as opposed to the DOT (no costume).

Not yet! Need more of those costume keys. Costumes are something I’m reluctant to use gems on.

Well, I used to think that, but if it weren’t for Hawkmoon and Brienne costumes, I wouldn’t have spent emblems on those guys to help lift me to one of the best 3* Tournament and Challenge Event Rare tier teams available! Not to mention how they hold their own in Class Quests!

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Tiburtus doesnt do DoT

Chesh the cat does DoT

Non costumed Tibs is same as grimm/gormek but different stats and color

Sorry. Misuse of acronym. I was thinking Damage on Three (the target and nearby enemies).

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Small AoE is typically how i here it referenced

“Shotgun” is another term I’ve heard thrown around in line

Like tiburtus btw probly most emblem worthy of the 3 pulverizers imo especially costumed

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