🏅 [Sep 1, 2019] 20th Raid Tournament! — 4* Bloody Battle, No Fire/Red

I’ve got what I think is a decent 4 for green but who do I turn to for a 5th? Fast sniper like chao, sonya or triton? (Or faster Valeria?). Utility hero like li, grimm+20, or proteus?

I would think a wing for the off color would be the right position. No sense inviting a stacked strong color vs a flank if I don’t have to.

I would be happy for help in building my defence. Thanx…

No mana for anyone… :wink:


And I’ll probably run into this as my first battle @Olmor!! RNGesus be with me!!!

I really don’t expect to last long, but I’d like to get a couple of wins under my belt. Hopefully I run into melendor and Kash teams early :wink:

I’d run Grimm in the left wing if that’s the case. Sonya is redundant with two Caedmon, and Chao could hurt but is unpredictable. Valeria is kinda gimped in bloody battle, and Li Xiu would work in flank, but you said you don’t want to do that, so limited options.

In the meantime, work on Peters.

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Need help with this raid defense.
Who do I put left wing? I think the rest of the defense is set, thanks.
Proteus, Sonya, Grimm, Merlin, Tibs, Jackal#2

Maybe it should be inverted so
Jackal Caedmon Buddy Hansel X

I would go with Proteus cause his poison dmg can’t be healed.Bringing Rigard or GilRa is just the weak color. Take him only if he’s maxed ( he is quite squishy) otherwise your Grimm would be my option.

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I would go with the second one…not quite sure if Muggy’s special is even working…no resurrection.

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This is what I am going for in this tournament. :slight_smile:

Neither of those…would use Hansel, Caedmon, Shakal instead of WuKong

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Yes I think so.Tried this once with Kiril in this mode and was’nt satisfied.Don’t think I will use this again.

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I would suggest Grimm. Merlin has a similar effect than Hansel…Proteus doesn’t work well together with Hansel.Sonya is quite redundant and I think Grimm would do more dmg than Tibsy.

I would put Caedmon on left flank for some debuff action(riposte)…see no reason for putting Hansel there.

That’s what I thought as well using AoE hitters.Sonya only would save me a little from bringing riposte heroes (Boril, Cyprian) on offense.

Swapped the troops a bit. LJ got defensive troops.

Let’s see what happens…there is nothing more for me to happen than to loose…so game on.

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Grimm - Gadeirus - Chao - Little John - Proteus


Grimm - Gadeirus - Gretel - Little John - Proteus


Grimm - Chao - Gretel - Little John - Proteus

Double Jackal wings good? I could put Jack O’Hare instead but I think the Jacakls could work out

I’ll join in on this merry time… here is my defense team. Prepped, psyched, and… (dang it, can’t think of another “P” word for READY!)

Edit to say (thanks @zephyr1 & @l2ider for the extra “P” words) Prepped, Psyched, Pumped, and Primed!


Primed :slightly_smiling_face:




Imo, going with yellow tank at this tournament, will result in many defeats. You should try a green one, due to absence of red heroes.

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