Marjana or Wilbur

I’ve been working on Marjana, she’s currently tier 2, level 24. I got Wilbur from atlantis summon this morning. I have enough ascension materials for both, but I’m looking for opinions on who should go to max first. I already have a maxed zimkitha, so I’m not hurting for a fire 5 star. It’s a hard decision, both are awesome in their own ways.

Wilbur …a must have for titans.


100% agreed

20 characters


I was leaning that way, I just wanted the extra push

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Envision William Wallace shouting Weeeeeelbuuuuur!
That’s more or less my answer.
And if that doesn’t give you enough of a push, not sure what will :wink:

Actually, let me help you :smiley:


Wilbur. Agree with others.

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We are fighting 9 and 10 stars, I use Wilbur and Wu every time. And 3 of the titans weak colour. Thanks to the traitor sometimes the scores aren’t too high, with misses, but have been averaging 20k a hit consistently and not dying during the fight. Wilbur makes a big difference

Given you already have Zim, and presumably don’t have rings for Marj as you used them on Zim, a 4/70 Wilbur is much more useful than a 3/70 Marj

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W I L B U R, without a doubt. He’s a beast
Must have against titan and most teams with 3+ fast snipers.

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Wilbur will make 3/70 Marjana viable.

Wilbur is God. Max him asap and you will not be disappointed!

I’ve got 8 rings that I can take marjana to max, but the shared buff and damage plus the enemy debuff makes him too tempting. I’ll focus on Wilbur after i get Ariel to 3.70.

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