Emblems for Mist?

Hi everyone. I’m sitting on 300+ cleric emblems for Mist. Which path would you follow … health, defense, attack?

Would you put her on your defense team?

Here’s what I’m running so far. I know there’s a lot of fire heroes to take out Buddy, so I’m not sure about this set up. Could she replace Li Xiu?

All feedback welcome. Thanks everyone.

PS: My limited FTP roster, for reference.

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IMO, def/HP for utility… and keep Li Xiu in defense.


Thank you @jinbatsu. I keep trying to replace her, but she hits everyone … and my only other maxed holy is Wu.


@akionna, Li was my 1st 4* holy hero and my tank for quite awhile. I had Wu also but he was strictly Titans and later round war hits, also occasionally Trials for the tile damage.
She still sees occasional play even though I have more powerful 5* holy hero’s now. Like you said her hit all, with 20% mana cut included has won many raids for me.
Mostly seems like she would go well in a “no mana for you” holy stack. Include Chao/Gretel and it can be An interesting mix. These would be great in a AW’s also. Proteus, Li, Mitsy, Hansel/Gretel and Mist would be a decent attack team for a dark tank (obviously Gretel would be more useful depending on the threat level of the flanks)

I’m currently leveling Mist now myself, she had to wait for Joon to be finished but is going before Neith, whose been sitting on in my roster at 1/1 for awhile now

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Thank you @PapaHeavy. I’ve been using Mist with Mitsy, and they’re been able to stop the bosses for me.

Joon was my first 5* … and I’m still waiting on the one dart. One day … :slight_smile:

So I just did the math for the emblems.

  • If I go health … Mist goes to 1366 HP, 689 DEF, and 727 ATK.

  • If I go defense … Mist goes to 1330 HP, 706 DEF, and 727 ATK.

So the difference is +/-36 HP and +/-17 DEF.

Thoughts? Which way would you go?

Hmmm thanks for doing the math @akionna. With those numbers being so close I can’t say it would matter a ton either way. They are so very close. But 36 extra HP aren’t going to hurt and could make the difference between firing or not in some cases. But you could swap paths and get a bit of both along the way. It’s strange that attack is a static 727? Are you sure that the attack/defense path and the Health/Defense path both ends up at 727 attack?

Shoot @PapaHeavy, sorry. Caught a math error. Will make another attempt. :slight_smile:

ATK stays same, only +45 because I hit those nodes exactly three times (at +15 each). (This is the only math I got right, geez.)

You can get an extra +80 ATK if you follow pure attack.

Following the tree, stopping on node 17:

  • For HP, going L-R-L-R-L-L … gives Mist 1438 HP, 653 DEF, 727 ATK.

  • For DEF, going L-L-R-L-R-L … gives Mist 1330 HP, 706 DEF, 727 ATK.

So health path is +251 HP. Then at node 18, you get also +36 HP.

And defense path is +107 DEF.

If I want Mist to live long enough to cast her special, which is more important?

Health or defense?

@akionna, here I think one of my favorite posters here, he left for health reasons and I miss him every time I log in, can help you answer that question better, and much clearer, than I

Classes and the defense meta

I would go Domitia, Mist, Mitsuko, Buddy, Kiril

In that order if they all charged and first from left to right:

Domitia will clear up buffs
Mist will slow mana gen as well as -def against special skills
Mitsuko is a solid tank with emblems, and both mist/mitsuko complement each-other
Buddy since you have him almost maxed emblem, atk down, buff tank with minion
Kiril for heal, or throw in another sniper such as Sonya

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@PapaHeavy, thank you. I’ve read his posts too. He’s very detailed … and kind. Still laughing from his comment, “If I haven’t made you faint from math at least once today, then I’m not doing my job.”

Thank you @poopcorn. I will try that. I always go back and forth on Buddy or Mitsuko for tank.

Lol, I’m glad you got to appreciate Garawyn as much as I did. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Good luck @akionna, check back in and let us know how it goes. Your ahead of me on most as I have other projects that suddenly arose so I’m doubly interested in how she works out for you.

I might consider flipping this around the complete opposite way leaving the hero’s where there are just have Kiril on the left as Kiril’s +30attack/+30 defense would be more useful firing 1st on a defense. Keeping in mind the D is always going to fire from left to right depending on what special is ready.

Id also swap Mist/Li and see what D can hold you the most cups. Of course trying Mist in there 1st because I’m selfish and want to know what you think :wink:

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Thank you @PapaHeavy. I’m curious about Mist on defense too. Most people don’t think she belongs there. But I’m ok with losing cups … so you can learn from my mistakes. :slight_smile:

I’m still staring at that fifth node on the talent tree. That’s going to push me down the HP or DEF path …

I’m sure I’m overthinking it. Will keep you posted once I stop giving myself an aneurysm.

Remember @akionna that’s what reset tokens are for. Unfortunately you never do recover the food/iron…Stoopit reset token :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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@akionna, how much have you emblemed mist? I want to emblem her for this week raid tournament. maybe you could upload a screenshot of the talent path? highly appreciated

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I took Mist to +6 talent, went atk/def and atk/def. The cleric grid makes the first 6 nodes a very easy decision. She’s still a bit squishy for sure but at 712-635-1187 she has “enough” defense to survive the initial assault.


Went mostly left … but could have taken that extra DEF on node 8 instead. Her mana shield is great.

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