Another who to level up first question

Hi! I just got my second boldtusk from tc13. I have my first one already emblemed. I was just wondering who i could level up next. (I already have 3* that are leveled up)

I have the following:
Another boldtusk.

Boldtusk is great on my team but im not so sure about a second one…

if you have enough mats to max 5* then go with Marjana as she is fast sniper
if no go with Scarlett her base attack is massively high and she is fast
Grazul is good choice as well and i love her but you already have boldtusk so you want max your attacking power before maxing her


Im having a hard time trying to find the perfect spot for grazul atm. Seems to me like a very tactical hero and would benefit only advanced players.

Unfortunately i dont have enough to bring 5* to full ascension. So i could only raise them to 3/70.

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Scarlett get the nod then. Her massive tiles damage and attack down is a must on green titan. Higher scores against titan might translate into more ascension mats.
Colen is fine too and quite dangerous in platinum arena but being slow, he usually gone before he can cast his special.
Marjana and Grazul will be of more benefit once you move up to higher playing field.


Grazul is better when paired with another healer. Standalone she’s a bit meh in my opinion. If you dont have a healer in each color maxed already, then yea i don’t see grazul bringing a ton of help to your team.


As already mentioned, I will go with Scarlett before second Boldtursk, her attack down and fast mana could safe the day in some dire situations.

However, until you have enough ascension mats for 5* it will be good to build some depth with those 4* red, for me Boldtursk will always be Boldtursk, now I am considering maxing the 3rd of him for war depth.


Definitely work on your 4* before the 5*. Boldtusk doesn’t work well with Boldtusk, he overwrites himself. 2 of him is good for wars only.

Scarlett is good for titans as well as raids/wars.

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