Character preference?

I have been working on ascending marjana. I know alot of people say she is trash but I’m trying to figure out a different war strategy seeing as how my war battles are mediocre at best. Been playing for 3 years, lvl 48 with numerous toons I’m not sure where to start with. Zulag any good? I have a bunch of costumes as well. Bunch of 4*s blah blah blah. If anyone cares enough to look ill post pics of my teams and extra toons. I have zero luck with troops as well… Nerve wracking sometimes…

Here are my toons…


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Honestly, Marjana in costume is not trash. I have her at +19
She has won me many a battle in a red mono team both in costume and with just the costume bonus.
She is also good in defence

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In your shoes, I would focus on the S1 snipers. Marja, Magni, if mats are available. There’s also an unleveled Rigard there, you mentioned costumes, do you happen to have one for him? With costume, Rigard is far better than Zulag. The same goes for Tiburtus. Also Proteus needs emblems as soon as possible, fish face is amazing but dies easy with no emblems. Boldtusk is also an amazing hero that I don’t see a maxed copy in your roster. Actually, tell no one, but, Boldtusk, with costume bonus, is a 5* disguised as a 4*.


I used to hate Marjana and was reluctant to use my rings on her until I had 18 rings collecting dust.

She indeed was underwhelming and I almost died in regret because her damage is too low and her DOT is basically just a drawback in her special since It does nothing. Would be so much better more % in her magma splash damage, imo.

Besides, I had 1300 rogue emblems sitting. Tried on her and she became usable (+18, atk route). After that I’ve pulled Falcon, everything changed. Their duo is amazing. Even with boldtusk +48% ATK buff her emblemed self can shine already.

So I think shes a poor hero by herself but the right friends and some emblems can make her a good add-on. Not mentioning rogue class is one of the best.

I’d say she demands practice, patience and practice 3x.

Discard all this comment if you have her costume because it’s another story.

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For wars I use mono and my mono red stack always includes Marjana. I have her at +11 and she is certainly not trash to me. She is my second choice for the red stack just behind C.Elena.

Going against an emblemed Marjana I cannot count the number of times she has dodged on me … usually almost dead and mana full. Ugh.

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