Defense help and other questions

Just got my first taste of a platfinum hero wanted chest and want more.
Finally have a rainbow set of 4* heroes leveled enough to add them to defense.

Kiril 4-70, Buddy 3-19, cyprian 3-60, li xiu 3-30, Scarlett 4-57

That is my best guess for lineup left to right. My thought folks will load up on Cyprian and hopefully Buddy and li xiu can hold the line. Plan to give Buddy my next fine gloves. Also working on Triton 2-5 and Ameonna 2-36. Have 2 Chao unleveled. Was thinking of stopping li xiu at 3-60 and work on a Chao. Was kind of holding onto my 4 orbs in hopes I get Wu kong.

A c2p player w/VIP. Stronghold headed to lvl17

Any advice? Thanks!

Eu uparia Li Xiu até full, tira mana de todos os adversários. Chao é bom, mas Li Xiu bem melhor.

I agree, and would fully level Li Xiu first over Chao.

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