Chao or Justice

Finally, I got 4 orbs. Should I use them on Chao(4*) or Justice(5*) ? I don’t think I can fully level up Justice. Tier 3 is the max. It is difficult to get the leveling materials without spending money.
Could someone give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

If you are s starting player. It is good to start slow (3* team, then 4* team, then 5*)
Both justice and chao are ok (slightly below average but they can work)
A maxed 4* is better than 5* at 3.70.

If you have other yellow options, please share them


In my honest opinion, you need to treat this game rather like a marathon run rather than a sprint race. So, I would suggest you are better levelling 3 x 3* rainbow teams and 3 x 4* rainbow teams before you start with any 5*.
Your levelled 3*/4* heroes will greatly help you in getting the mats required to level your 5* heroes
Good luck


Maxed 4* 4.70 is stronger than unmaxed 5* 3.70.

Chao fast justice slow.

Choose chao

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Cross posting for posterity but the above comments also address the same thing:

So from that 100% Chao over justice :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I am a new player of this game, just play it for 2 months. Chao and Justice are the only 2 yellow I got above 3*

Marathone is a good idea. Thank you.

The article you shared is so useful. Thank you.

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