Ascend a second Chao?

I have so many orbs and I’m wondering if I should raise a second Chao. I think Chao is a decent hero but I’m unsure if two Chaos are useful for something? Wars, Titans, raid tournaments?
Is having two chaos a good idea?
I have the other yellow vanilla 4* heroes but no event or Atlantis heroes and my yellow 5 star is Justice.

Chao is only useful with more than one. Not a great hero. Yellow 4* desperately need an upgrade.

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Depends on what other options you have… If your Justice is unleveled, you can consider upgrading her… She is a seriously good tank. :slight_smile:

The only use I see for Chao ist Titans. Wars maybe but I’m currently using an emblemed Melia and I like her a lot.
but I am actually hoping for a yellow 5 star different from justice. I’m reluctant on leveling justice because for tank options I have a maxed Ares and a Kunchen that I can ascend soon.
But it can take months to get a yellow 5 star, so in the meantime I could level Chao.
I’m just wondering if it’s worth it. :thinking:

I maxed Li Xiu before Chao and that is my best decision ever!
Due to the lack of yellow in my roster, Chao does see his day later on. Max him but only for war depth. His 25% mana cuts maybe useful in certain situation but Li Xiu’s special was much better.
If you’re lacking other yellow, consider leveling him for war depth.

Li Xiu and Chao are my only Yellow 4*s, and together with Inari have won me some difficult raids (especially against Kunchen tanks - take that, you smarmy Purple)!

You already have all the other Yellow 4*s though, so not sure if two Chaos would be useful. Do you see yourself bringing two Chaos in a raid? Could be useful.

I do love Li Xiu, but I can see several situations where two Chaos would be more useful than having 1 Li and 1 Chao - against dangerous fast snipers (the fast mana makes a big difference) and against riposters (Li may end up killing herself when using her special while riposte is active, but Chao can target the enemies not covered by riposte).

2 Chaos is useable in War Offense , Fast + Mana Cut is awesome

Like the old Sitcom “Joanie loves Chachi” there should be only one Chao (and you don’t even need to love him) if you have Justice to work on I’d suggest that. Worst possible scenario is you hold the AM until a better holy hero (Batman) comes along. Li Xiu, Jackal, Gretel, Wu, Tony Danzaburo, Hu Tao. To me one Chao is enough. I may be in the minority but I’m pretty comfortable there.

Bottom line is there are many Holy heroes that will serve you much better than Chao. No sense in jumping the gun now. Be patient, because I can guarantee that once you level that second Chao you’ll end up with much better options and wish you had those AM’s back. Good Luck in whatever you choose!! May RNGesus smile upon you

Chao is not bad but it’s not great either. I would max one of each holy 4*, in fact, I would max all holy 3* and 4* before maxing a second Chao.

All your other yellow 4* can be used in emblem quests. I had duplicates of Chao too but I’m leveling Li Xiu and Hu Tao first for those quests.

True Chao is good for fighting Kunchen tanks. So he is a good weapon for war when fighting purple tanks. But we’re usually fighting against blue tanks (Boril armies).
well, I will wait for the moment and see what Atlantis brings for me. I’ll work on Chao afterwards if no better option shows up.

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