Casual New(ish) Player Team building Advice

So I’ve actually been playing for about a year now, but typically was just flying by the seat of my pants as far as which heroes to level and how to approach it (I’ve made regrettable decisions with this approach).

I’ve been viewing threads in the forums for a bit but have finally mustered the courage to actually post & ask for some guidance on how I should proceed on creating my defensive team and which heroes I should focus on leveling to make a more efficient roster for all parts of the game.
Biggest reason for asking now is that I just ascended Guinevere over Drake and I have sentimental buyer’s remorse (Drake Fong was first 5* hero I got when he was HOTM last year).

The obvious ones to me are to finish Tarlak, Gravemaker, Guinevere, Proteus (since I’ve ascended all of them). I have some thoughts on who to proceed with next (based on materials I have) but would generally like some feedback to see if I’m on the right track.

Heroes & Ascension Materials


Red your going to want to do Wilbur and Boldtusk. These are probably the best two out of all the 4*s you have.

Green Buddy, caedmon, Melondor

Yellow Li Xui

Blue I would do triton

Purple I would work on Merlin then Tiburtus.


Dark: you have the tabards for Sartana, she’s solid. Merlin, Sabina, Tiburts (preferred order) and Tyrum from the 3*

Holy: Finish Ranvir. You’ll use him on titans.
Melia and Bane from 3*. Personally not a fan of the 4* holies here but Chao or Li Xiu, yes.

Ice: Richard is solid, and you have 13 scopes.
Sonya, Triton are great. Triton pairs great with healers, also Kiril.

Nature: Hold your tonics for Lianna, or a better green 5*.
Buddy, Caedmon and Melendor from 4*.
Belith, Muggy, Hisan, Mnesseus and maybe Berden from the 3*.

Fire: Marjana is solid.
I like Elena and Azlar but wait until you have a lot of rings…(which can be a long time).
WILBUR, Boldtusk, Gormek, Lance, Sumitomo, Scarlett…all good options.
Namahage and Hawkmoon both good 3*.


Thank you @ffphier & @Coralline for the advice.
Because I had Kiril and no BT (at the time) I was focused on leveling Wilbur (that’s why he’s ascended 3 levels) then I drew Gravemaker and just focused on him as I had the HB/rings necessary for a full 5* ascension.

On my defensive team, I believe Tarlak is not effective (since there is no tile damage & his buff does not apply to specials) which had me thinking, does a mix of 4* & 5* with good synergy work better than just putting a fully ascended 5* rainbow team on my defense?

Leveled status aside what would be the best defensive team from my current roster? (that’s part of my thought process in who to level next)

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Hi voidstrike, on your synergy question, I believe so yes! And Tarlak is a titan specialist too in my book (that’s where tile damage matters), so there may be better heroes there. I have to look back on your roster for defense team options tomorrow!

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I’d put Gad on the green list as well.

Hello, sorry for the delay.
Soo, this is based on your available heroes.

  1. Tarlak- Richard - Guin -Sartana - Gravy

I would try to get a good green defense hero as a priority. Tarlak is good but not for defence. Horghall is not so bad but I’d save my tonics.

  1. Richard - Obakan - Guin - Sartana - Gravy

The dark -holy-dark combo or reverse is the only colour repetition I’d use on defense.

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