Carnival stage 5

I have had a really hard time getting past stage 5 on the carnival challenge. I don’t have many 4* heroes that combat minions. so what suggestions does anyone have for me? Thanks!

My team for all of the epic event missions was:
Anastasia 4-75+20
Lucy 4-80+20
Marcel 4-70+20
D’Andre 4-70+19
Kvasir 3-55+20 (575 attack, 534 defense, 1177 HP)

I had to use a few minor mana potions in the last levels to prevent Kvasir from dying at the beginning.

Anastasia’s minions help protect Kvasir’s bees, which prevent any new minions for the enemy.

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Kvasir is good if you can keep him alive and his bees being the busy little bees that they are, while they do certainly help keep minions from forming, there is also the issue of having to deal with the initial minions that are given to all the enemies with each wave, mobs and bosses alike with their family bonus.

You said you don’t have many 4* heroes that combat minions, care to share who you have?

I found myself digging into my bench of unused heroes and brought Gobbler (no costume) out of cold storage on my bench, he was maxed, but not emblemed and I had enough druid emblems plus food/iron to bring him to +20 and put him to work. The minion destruction, the heal was a good bonus, at the start of a wave, especially the boss wave helps so you can actually debuff their attacks and apply ailments to them.

Another candidate is Gormek-C, functions very similar to Gobbler, but with this being a Blue dominant event, Gobbler’s green tile damage against the blue may be a better choice against the blue enemies.

Can’t use Captain of Diamonds because of the Blue Elemental Barrier.

Just some ideas for you.

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Take 5 axes and 5 arrows with you and at the start of the 2 mob waves, use 2 axes and an arrow, this will get rid of those pesky minions, then you can start matching tiles, or even use mana pots to charge your heroes. This is what I did to get rid of the minions.

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