Domitia, or Khagan, or a 4*?

Hi there,

My two TC20 just gave me my first 5* heroes: Domitia and Khagan. Should I start to level and ascend them, are they worth the resources, or should I level my 4* heroes, or should I wait for obtaining other (4* or 5*) heroes? Here are all my 4* heroes:

  • Grimm, Wu Kong, Rigard, Scarlett, Caedmon - 4/70 - this is my “default” team
  • Boril - 4/70
  • Sumitomo, Tiburtus, Triton, Li Xiu, Little John - 3/60
  • Hu Tao - 1/33
  • Ameonna, Kelile, Gobbler - 1/1

I am interested mostly in conquering maps (now in Atlantis province 14 in hard mode), quests and events, as well as in raids. AW are a bit less important to me (I am the only member of my alliance). Titans are least important.

Who would you level up, if any? I am waiting for Atlantis summon to spend my 600 coins there and moreover probably do 10-pull using gems there.

This game has seen fit to give me 3 Domitias (Which isn’t many to some people, but for me it’s a ton), so I finally decided to start leveling one.

So far I’m glad I did. Yes, she’s average speed, but her damage doesn’t lag far behind premier snipers. The limited dispel is handy on a 5*, as this is an uncommon skill. The 94% defense vs. holy is huge on titans.

For now, I’d still finish my Tiburtus first, because he’ll pair nicely with Domitia on a titan team and you’ll need him for war, but I would banish her too far down the list, or refuse to feed her if another 5* doesn’t come along.

I don’t care for Khagan, personally. Others may make a better argument for him, but he doesn’t fit my play style.


None worths wait for something better imo

Both are worth it.

Khagan is a beast, if he’ll be able to cast. Hits hard on 3 since his buff and helps to charge the others.

Domitia is a cool sniping tank. If she casts, the holy stack against her will have about no tile damage any more.

She’s a dark shooting and dispelling Kashhrek. :wink:


In fact, Domitia is the only debuffer amongst classic 5*s. Don’t underestimate this power. Sure, she’s meh if you have e.g. Zeline but for f2p/c2p she’s really useful.


As above - I use Dom daily

Domitia. No doubt. Khagan is too slow and dom is great for yellow titans

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If it was me, I would ascend Tiburtus before Domitia. But if you’re waiting on Trap Tools then you should give some levels to Domitia.

Caedmon is your only dispeller so I’d say that yes, Domitia is worth leveling.


If you’ll be doing this in the next Atlantis summon, I’d probably wait and see what you get. Get Hu Tao up to 3/60 in the meantime.

That said, unless you’re already sitting on ascenscion mats to get those 5* up to their 4th ascenscion, getting Triton and Li Xiu leveled might be more useful.

Hu Tao was my first 4* (this was like 18 months ago) and he is still at 3/60. He is crappy. Hahahaha

Ameonna should be worked on. Start working on Domitia if you have 5 Tabards or more. If you get her to 3/70 and not other better option comes up then max her out.

Khagan as a first 5* red is not really good. Boldtusk and Wilbur are 4’s that are more useful than him at your stage in the game.

I actually really like Khagan. His special is slow, but it’s one of the better ones overall in my opinion. It does great damage and gives two worthwhile buffs as well. He’s quite useful in quests, events, hard mode levels, raids, and against Titans.

One less obvious use for him is as one of the better choices to flank a riposte hero. He has low defense but very high hp so he can absorb huge hits with riposte up and really destroy an enemy (Titans especially). Of course you have to time it with his defense buff which makes the riposte a bit less effective, but done correctly, I’ve seen Titans take some huge counter attacks.

Thank you all for your advice! Unfortunately I have little AM for levelling Tiburtus, so I started to feed Domitia with purple food and besides I feed Hu Tao and I have ascended Triton and I am feeding him as well.

Today Atlantis came again, so I pulled 17 times in total - and got Hel. :slight_smile: It seems I will postpone feeding Domitia in favour of Hel. (As regards 4* heroes, I got Danzaburo and my third Triton, so no change of priorities here.)