Semi-advanced player needing roster and ascension advice

Hi everyone,

I’ve started playing in January and am c2p. By Monday, I’ll have three TCs at level 20. I have been focusing on levelling a decent set of heroes for wars and raids for a month or so now, but will need to make the next step for challenge events, legendary stages, and the season 2 finale. Below screenshots of my roster and asc mats (hopefully I’ll have another warm cape after the challenge event). My aim is to have a fully ascended 4* rainbow (attack) team in the medium-term, and am not fussed if that means levelling a hero from scratch. Any input appreciated!

You should not add a gif file of it. Now my head hurts trying to look at it and I just screenshot each of the images.

Yellow: Wu Kong - He will be your single most important hero for titans and events for a long time.
Purple: Rigard - One of few cleansers in the game and a very good healer. Then Merlin afterwards
Blue: Kiril if you get the warm cape, then Sonya and Frida to 3/70
Red: Finish Red Hood to 3/70, then Gormek I think (Since I recommend both Rigard and Kiril as healers for now
Green: Finish Hansel, then Caedmon.

If you have sufficient healers you should be able to finish even legendary challenge events with the use of items. How far along are your forges? Can you build dragon attacks yet? If you manage to get to the final boss level you can usually just bomb it and kill everything there with items. You have some really nice heroes that will help you a lot in these events.

You look to spend enough so I would recommend maximum 2 tc20 running for legendary training and the rest for feeders. Possibly less depending on how much training you need to do and how many heroes you have.

Hope some of this makes sense and actually helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks jonhol! That’s some really good advice. Just wish I had more orbs and capes, but they just don’t come to me as easily as shields and traps (or even darts and tabards).

I have also uploaded the screenshots for less headaches :cold_sweat:

My forges aren’t near dragon attacks yet, I have prioritised getting those TCs up to 20.

You will get those orbs and capes eventually. Cape is on legendary for wonderland, while there doesn’t appear to be an orb for finishing it. But you should start to have teams that manage to finish the rare quests that gives you guaranteed materials and also some of the challenge events.

I see you haven’t been lucky enough to pull Proteus from Atlantis, but he really helped me finish those challenge events from an early stage since I could feed him minor mana potions and he would prevent the bosses from firing their specials. And with a couple of healers too that will make you survive through it.

Gloves and compass are going to be the limiter for you at the moment, unfortunately. You have one green on the way to max so I would spend your resources on the other four colors for now. I agree with the same priorities @jonhol listed. Good luck and happy leveling!

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