C.Kailani for titans?

Hi everybody, just pulled kailani’s costume and saw a whopping 50% attack up. Even if she’s a 3* that’s a lot!

Is anyone else thinking of bringing her to titans with your 5*s? Should she join the ranks of c.Brienne+20?

I heard people bringing Nordri against Titans for elemental def down along 5* heroes but he needs to be fully emblemed to not die immideatly.

I think Kailani costume could work since the shared damage helps with survivability of all heroes but you would have to charge her with mana pots in the beginning because with her slow mana speed she doenst fire early enough.

If you dont have a good supporting yellow hero against purple titans I would try it. The cost to level and emblem a 3* hero isnt that high so it shouldnt be a major setback if you have the feeling it is not good enough.

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Depends on how strong the Titan is. I use Nordri in my alt account, but even with max emblems he won’t survive long enough to contribute against anything above 7*

I use nordri against 12* titans. Helped me get a 83k hit recently.

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Not sure where the slot to put Kailani. I do not have yellow defdown (WR and Viv.C), so I use Wilbur, if I replace wilbur with Kailani, then no defdown which is more crusial then attack up allies.

  1. Wilbur: Def down
  2. Jackal: elemental defdown
  3. Jackal: 2nd strongest attack stat yellow
  4. Joon.C: 1st strongest attack stat yellow
  5. Miki: attack booster

C.Kailani is broken for event, I was hope it is like Gunnar, but well I think I still would to level her for Turnament buff booster rules.

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Did anyone notice that leveling her skill is completely useless?
50% buff on level 1 and same for level 2

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i was wondering about the same… looks weird… like a bug (?)

Same here, but I don’t use Wilbur. I have Gazelle to boost the attack of my heroes: 1st Jackal+19 (all defense nodes), 2nd Jackal+20 (all attack nodes), Drake+19 and a healer in Woolerton+18. Been wanting the costume for my 3/70 Vivica since it was released. She could really help my hits against purple titans. So, I sparingly use Valkyrie’s Bane instead.

I also have Kailani’s costume. I have already have the original version leveled and I am looking forward to her costume maxed as I have some specific task I want her to perform and I think she will excel in that :grin::grin::grin:

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Yes, also notice it.

Yes i do

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