Advice for war & raid defences

Hello everyone. Last couple of months i made a solid roster of 4 stars and i have no idea if im getting the best of them. Anyway i want to ask which hero i should focus on and what changes can i do in the future to my defences

We are running Green tank. I have ishtak costume, should i scrap brynhild and boldtusk? If so, what defence you’d recomend?

Raid defence team. Not much to say, is it good or should i change it in the future?

Now this is what options i’ve got

P.S Feel free to build rosters for my raid and war defences as you wish, i ve got materials to work on any hero

In my honest opinion, from your roster, I would focus on the following 4*
Gullinbursti, Rigard Costume, Gretel and Boril.
For your 4* tanks options:
Green tank - Kashhrek costume
Blue Tank - Boril
Red Tank - Boldtusk
Purple Tank - Rigard costume
Yellow Tank - Li Xiu costume
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

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Thats the heroes i was thinking to upgrade too.
You think kashrek is better than brynhild?

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Brynhild is excellent but Kashhrek costume is way better at tank. He adds temporary health past 100%.

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Yes, he s indeed a mini heimdall, will test him for war tank

Both great heroes to have. And both to get to max ASAP. But in my opinion costume Kashhrek has the edge

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Wizard was the only class were i hadn t had a good enough hero. Now i ll do kashrek and test him at tank with def/health path. Thanks!

In your defense, don’t put Tibs and Grimm together…they have the same defense down move.

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