Main defense team: tarlak or boldtusk with 19 emblems

Ok, so I’m in the process of leveling tarlak fully and he should be done in at most a couple of weeks. I’ll also be able to add emblems immediately to him to bring his defense up to around 700 so he’s not so squishy. I currently have boldtusk +19 in as my buffer and additional healer. My question is should I replace my boldtusk +19 with a tarlak +6 or 7 in my main defense team? Bold is much more sturdy. Also I am a c2p player having spent less than 100 so my options are somewhat limited. I do believe I’ve been extremely lucky up to this point to have the heroes I do have. Posted is my upgraded boldtusk, main defense team currently, and some of the other 5 stars I will be working on after tarlak. Additional question, could any of the unleveled 5’s take bold or tarlaks spot after being leveled? I also have a fully leveled Isarnia and a 3-70 Khagan but those aren’t really a consideration honestly. Would just like some opinions on what y’all think would be best as I’m conflicted at the moment.

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That’s a great C2P roster to play with. Long term, you probably want to max Magni and put him on the left in place of Boldtusk to give your defense more “oomph” as it lacks a sniper. Tarlak is a great hero but I think most people use him on titans rather than defense.

Thank you. That’s what I was thinking also. I had just pulled Magni the night before out of TC 20 and was thinking he was about the only 1 that was really going to be replacing anyone. Oh I forgot, I have Joon as well but I kinda figured Magni with the defensive buff would be a better way to go. Thanks so much! I appreciate the help.

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