Advice on what buildings

As it stands now with buildings I have:
4 iron storages
3 mines
2 Food storage
5 Farms
2 crafting
2 Training camps
2 houses
1 troop building

I can add 4 more building aka Food storage/house or TC/Farm

I was thinking of 2 more TC and Food storage?

Any thoughts?

Hey @LadyOctavia, at your point in the game there are a finite amount of each building you can actually build.

So fear not, there are no mistakes or other options. You can only build the options provided.

Further lots will open up later, and they will have set options also.

For more info please take a look here:
How Many Buildings


Do I need 4 training camps and 4 houses?

I have 3 forges so I don’t want another one really

I can understand food storages but 4 TC? From what I have read most people run 2 tc11 and one 20.

You will eventually need them all for the advanced buildings. They may seem useless now, but they all have a purpose. You dont need to level them all up now, just focus on the ones that will bemefit you.

Forges are converted to advanced buildings much later in the game. But yes they will seem excessive now.

All four houses are needed to reach the adequate amount of recruit storage to train in said advanced buildings.

Having four TCs gives you more options.
If you are a cheap player, you will likely run 2x TC20, and having the option to then build both TC2 and a TC11 will be valuable.
This is how I started, and then later converted to running TC2, TC20 and 2x TC11.


You should build them all. Sooner or later, you will have to convert some to advanced buildings. This is about the only meaningful choice you can make on this front, though. Eventually (almost) everything is going to have to be maxed out (especially storages, which feel useless right now, but just wait).

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4xTC: variety of TC20, TC11, TC2 and TC1, or sometimes TC19 (but this is big ham requirement).
4x forges: 3x only level to 5, do not level higher, and 1x Forge to 20 (to get the bonus mission, but we can choose which one should we research, I reserach all, except lvl20).
3x forge level 5 is the miminum requierement to convert for Barrack, Hunter Lodge, Alchemyst Lab and Hero Academy later.

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You definitely need all of your training camps. All of them. Now I don’t know if you are free to play or pay to win player, but it actually doesn’t matter. Even if you just run them for feeder heroes, you still won’t have enough of those.

For a long part of the game three houses are just fine, since you don’t need more than 101 recruits, which can be obtained with three houses. But all four houses maxed up are required if you are ever going to use your Hero Academy to the fullest. And there are some pretty nice options in that academy.

So in conclusion: Never ever convert anything else than a Forge (preferably level 5 to save time and resources) to any of the four Advanced buildings - Barracks, Hunter’s Lodge, Alchemy Lab or Hero academy. Naturally with only three extra forges one of the buildings should be left out - you can convert back and forth whenever needed with a free builder and 10 seconds time. Usually the debate is between Hunters Logde or Barracks.


I have most of the TC20 heroes, so I changed one of my training camps to the Hero Academy. That way, if I’m in the mood to be frustrated, I can throw 300 recruits and 1.3 million food at turning one dupe vanilla S1 hero into another dupe vanilla S1 hero.


Thanks everyone for the replies. It makes all the more sense now:)

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