Build my FUTURE Def Team - Thanks for your advice!

Hi everybody,

i´am playing for about a half year now. Therefore some decisions have to be done who to ascend who to leave at 3/70. I do have materials in each color to get one to 4th Level. In fakt the fokus should be on
DEF TEAM (Duell and war, we do not have any specifications in our ally how to set up def team in war).

I do not post the actuall level of my heros because you should be free to set up the best team in your eyes. I am not planning to spend more money so this should be my roster on the long run. For sure i do have some own ideas but it´s never wrong to get some input.

If you have too much time you are welcome to shortly explain why you set up this team :wink:

Red: Elena, Zimkitha, Boldtusk, Gormek, Guradian Falcon, Colen, Wilbur Sumitomo
Blue: Isarnia, Boril, Grimm, Kirill, Cpt. of Diamonds, Agwe, Valeria
Green: Evelyn, Lianna, Caedmon, Little John, Melendor, Buddy, Kashhrek, Gobbler, Gaderius, Skittleskull
Yellow: Justice, Vivica, Onatel, Chao, Danzaburo, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Hu Tao
Purple: Rigard, Tiburtus, Merlin, Sabina, Ameonna, Zyprian

Many thanks and have fun on planning my future Team ! :sunglasses:

Whos at what ascension and level? That’s huge. Also who do u have the best troops to support. Can’t tell I how much troops help. I think I have a link explaining how u should have at least 2 sets of troops 3⭐️ or 4⭐️ and leveled. Man they make a big difference. Yes they’re not cheap to build up but man it helps

[Troop importance. ]( )

My bad that’s the one for troops. The other is heros.

All credit goes to thrashina. @thrashina check her out she has come awesome excel sheets.

Disclaimer is that I haven’t used a lot of your legendaries since I’m mostly 4* still. But from what I know of the game if I were you I’d go with:


My reasoning is thus.

The best tank you have IMO is Onatel. So she has to be the centre of your defense. She’s got great tanking stats. Her special would be better if you were aiming it but it still is pretty annoying to deal with. Yes players do have good purple to beat Guin but G. Panther is still a lot harder to get than Jackal or Falcon so Yellow is still a good tank choice color IMO.

Lianna is a fantastic sniper and is great on the wing in defense. If she happens to hit someone that Evelyn or Isarnia (or both) has debuffed they will get destroyed. Fast mana and she hits hard.

Evelyn hits 3 and debuffs defense against green down. Enabling future hits by her and Lianna. You want them far apart so the opponent can’t splash them both with red tiles so I’m thinking put them on opposite wings?

Zimkitha is a very good legendary. AOE, attack buff for your entire team and dispels your team. All that at fast speed. She’s an easy include.

Last choice is between Vivica (slow), Elena (slow), Isarnia (slow), Justice (slow). Vivica would have to be in the flank position next to Onatel because she’s slow speed and putting two yellows side by side isn’t a good idea at all so she doesn’t seem like the choice. Justice would be a poor choice for the same reasons. Isarnia’s defense down debuff is more powerful than Elene’s Riposte IMO. So I think you put Isarnia next to Onatel.

You want Evelyn to fire before Lianna so you put her on the far left and Lianna on the far right. You want Isarnia to fire before most of your team so put her 2nd left. Onatal tanking in the middle. That leaves Zimkitha on Onatel’s right.


There’s my reasoning although like I said I’ve never played with those legendaries. Have fun!

Hi Eva. Thanks so far… I didn’t post the progress on purpose because I see this team to be set up in some months. Most of them are at 3 30 to 70 none at 4 because I focused on widen war team. As far as I concern troops aren’t the major factor in my case because I do have 4* at least twice each color and lucky me often different and twins. Hope this may help

So I would go from left screen to right in this order…
I think u would have one of the all time tanks up front with Kashhrek, then good heart and shield plus great firepower to the inner flanks with Grimm and Sumitomo( I have both and they’re 2 of my favs!), and finally Justice also has great shield and heart with an attack that hits everyone plus increases accuracy in one corner and Rigard one of the toughest best healers there is in the other. Now I may be biased but this is mine. Gonna look kind of familiar… lol. But last war I was only knocked out once and then 7 teams took cracks after and I was still hanging on. Disclaimer I do have Mother North and Rigard and they can cause fits!!!

Lemme try that line up again. Photo didnt pop

Interesting. I don’t like slow heroes on the wing unless they can revive. Justice is a better tank than Magni isn’t she?

Definitely! I would put them in this order:
Mother North - Magni - Justice - Sumitomo - Rigard

I think something like zim insarnia onatel rigs lianna, would work really well

Zim cleanse + buff
Insarnia for def down
Onatel mana control tank stats
Rigs for the heal all + secondary cleanse (so many def down can’t have to many)
Lianna sniper to pic 1 hero off everytime

Not an ideal defense because of the slows, but out of what you have, I’d go with something like Zim, Isarnia, Justice, Sabina, Lianna.

This gives you a dispel, a debuff, a blind, an attack up, a defense down, 3 splash, a sniper and a healer. Not bad really. Certainly could be convinced of better overall defenses, but with this selection, you could even go as far as giving them each emblems as there are no duplicate classes. Justice is potentially the worst ascend here, but with her incoming buff and class type, I think she can be plenty serviceable.

Having said all of this, I generally wouldn’t suggest leveling to build a best defense and instead would build depth and great heroes up for titans, raids and events…, heroes like Zim, bold, falcon, Wilbur, isarnia/grim, kiril, eve, liana, buddy, caed, viv, ona, wu, tibs, rigs merlin type stuff. Anyway, best of luck.

Just curious dave, if Ariel were available would you switch her out for Isarnia? Making it Evelyn, Ariel, Onatel, Zim, Lianna?

Yeah I would definitely use Ariel. Really wanted her last Atlantis!

I might use Justice at Tank instead of Onatel, but agree 100% with @DaveSonnenberg otherwise.

Onatel just doesn’t punish attackers enough to really be useful as a tank. When I fight an Onatel tank, I barely notice if she casts her special. When Justice casts, The initial hit is bad enough, but the blind can be devastating - so many misses! Yes she’s slow. Them’s the breaks.

The only other thought is to go Eve - Isarina - Zim - Onatel/Justice - Lianna. Zim’s tough, and at tank she gets lots of opportunities to cleanse those annoying GM burns…

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Thanks for the advice. I will try that. I was keeping Magni in center only because he offers nearby allies defense bonus. None the less advice always appreciated. Thanks!

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That’s funny cause I had been measuring how each set-up u just mentioned and @DaveSonnenberg did and it ended up that Justice was the winner based on how I saw the defense stack up. Since then I’ve finally finished Boril and now have him in the middle instead of Magni anyway. Next up is Kiril and then I may actually go for him. Although Wilbur is close to becoming a favorite of mine too and he’s only at 4/10. I think he could end up being great when completed. What’s ur thoughts on Wilbur?

Wilbur Is one of the best heroes for attacks (raids, maps, titans) but on defense he would be useful Just with AoE attackers near him as his special Is easy to be flipped by other heroes as Kiril.

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