Buff Zulag

Zulag should hit all. Red Hood needs a boost to minions in some way.

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Red Hood already suggested here:

Maybe this should changed to Zulag only, and add the suggestion about red hood there ?


I’ve always felt that it was odd that Zulag was completely dispellable, while Brynhild - a four-star - was completely undispellable. Also, Bryhild is fast (vs. average) and her heal is instant (vs. HoT). Making even part of Zulag’s special undispellable seems like a good solution to me.


ok, first things first: I am an official fan of Zulag, and think she deserves something - just a little something - to push her from being an ‘occasionally used’ to ‘often used’ hero. anyone remember the ‘Sif-in-the-middle’ meta? it was only about a year or so ago. no? yeah, well i do. and Zulag helped me (and Sabina) through that ‘fun’ little period, till they nerfed hit 3s and formations presumably because Ludwig. :roll_eyes:

i’m not sure what she needs. although that sand resistance passive just recently became so much more interesting, eh?

she is already - with emblems - incredibly strong, and will always, and i do mean always, be the last one standing on the battlefield on your side.

she has two major weaknesses:

  1. dispellability - largely unusable as a defense tank because of this. you’d think SG would do something about this considering how much they looooove purple tanks. you can even stack purple against her because even regular Domitia just negates everything she does. :stuck_out_tongue:

as my first purple 5*, i still love and use my Zulag often, so i don’t want her buff to be behind a costume paywall. give her what she deserves. something Zircon- or Brynhild-esque. for FREE. oh, and:

  1. her other major weakness is her sad minions, which means you cannot, under any circumstances, take her against Skadi unless she’s like a 1-of purple in an otherwise green team and aim to kill Skadi first. otherwise, Skadi will eat her sad minions for a nice little snack and then wreck the rest of your team.

btw, she comes out to play for me in every single war where we are not facing purple tanks. and even then, sometimes in those too, if really needed.


here’s today’s episode of ‘winning with Zulag and friends’:

yeah, yeah, i know, mono whatever blah blah. but, i like this team. when it comes down to it, the middle three can literally win raids on their own.

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I reset zulags emblems after i found her underwhelming. Was good when formations first came out and nearby heros were all of them. In double formations.

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My suggested buff is this:

:up: All allies’ health is boosted by 600 HP over 4 turns. If health exceeds max HP, it is added as temporary HP. Max temporary HP is 100% of max HP. Boosted health counters max HP reduction.
The caster and nearby allies get +46% defense for 4 turns.
The caster and nearby allies get +74% defense against Special Skills for 4 turns.
Element Link summons a Dark Minion for all Dark allies with 5% HP and 10% attack inherited from the caster.


She definitely needs buffs. below is my suggestion for her without changing her overall special skill.


Agree Zulag needs buff and solution it’s simplu allow her to heal all allay and that’s it


I think if Zulag heals all over time and gives defense up for all it would be a good and desirable buff. Currently, she is too weak to be a viable purple tank, but with such buff at least for some people who don’t have top purple tanks, she can be an option.


I agree. Zulag definitely needs a buff. She sees like no play. Her heal should be for all allies, and I think it should be overheal.


If anyone at SGG is reading this thread, please note how often Zulag shows up in this thread of folks’ weakest five heroes as their weakest purple.

Currently, one in every six posts on that thread mentions Zulag. That’s more than Guardian Owl, for crying out loud!


I think they should make her like Passepartout

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Zulag is even more useless if you have Aeron. Not sure why they even released her as is. I personally think that all 5* healers should at least heal the entire team. Also, You would have thought that HoTMs would get better over time but no.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


I would love to see a buff to her. I regret spending materials on her, so much. I still use Rigard and Sabina over her :pleading_face: She´s not as bad as Klaern though, or Reuben (both of which I also have, even though I have so few Hotms… :woman_facepalming:)


I still find a use for her once in a blue moon, but if I end up taking Ludwig in SE, I’m gonna really resent giving her those tabards! And no, she isn’t as useful as Rigard or Sabina.


I know, right? I used her once since I ascended her, in a rush tournament on defense. Ludwig! :purple_heart:

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