Red hood needs a buff

the introduction of baldur who is red, is also ranger, and has a more reliable mana blocking mechanic. Also as a slap in the face was introduced the same month with red hood’s event, who else thinks that the protector of grimforest is severely outclassed at her niche now? Although Baldur has his own problems as the masses have commented and that’s a discussion over at that page
As a fan of red hood, I was wondering how she could be buffed but not overdo it. Maybe a simple buff of her skill to be fast, possible 5* kvasir?


Then she’ll be OP if she has Kvasir skills at her current stats. But you are right, old heroes are being replaced by new shiny ones with a lot of interesting skills. However, if SGG is introducing new but weaker hereos, nobody would be buying gems for summoning and the game will get to its early demise. SGG needs to keep coming up with stronger heroes as evidenced by the new additions from the special events, i.e. Finley, Jaba, White Rabbit, Black Knight, etc. in order to lull the players into buying. Where there are good new heroes coming up, it would be good investment for SGG. This is what we have called power creep. They try to tone it down by nerfing Clarissa when released, introducing Raffaele, as well as the next 3 HOTMs in the coming months. Either you keep up with the times or learn to accept it as it is. But again, Red Hood with Kvasir skills is OP. And I don’t like too many hero buffs and nerfs going on it splits the players in general, resulting to the back and forth bickering of players in this forum.


I love her, but a little extra spice would be nice. Maybe having her minions hit, a little mana down would add up well too without making her too strong. I run a minion war d that’s not easy to overcome especially with field aid healing (Slow white and Killhare just need a bit time to load their weapon) it dishes out some zero points, but her minions don’t coop well with freya, just giving meat shield. :thinking:

Always happy when there’s talk about her since she was one of my first (non paying) 5stars and helped me so much for progress, making season1/2 stages so much easier. :blush:

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There are better heroes but I don’t know ‘bout a buff… She ain’t bad at all.
PLUS she has the best art in game (my opinion) and therefore alone I’d love to have her


Her stats are really underwhelming for an event 5star emblemed heavily, offense and especially defense are too low imo :thinking:

If I were to decide I would give her around 40 more defense and following Spezial skill improvement: when being attacked the damage received is devided on all fox minions on the field, enemy fox minions too. :grinning:

You can have my Baldur… I take Red Hood anytime.


Never ever, sorry, baldur looks idiotic, red hood like the beautiful queen she is :heart:

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I’m still trying to figure out how Baldur can help me win wars etc.

Depends, if you have telluria or run blue tanks he can flank, but just to irritate opponents. :rofl: On offense, I don’t know, would run 5 marjana instead of him.

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I think the foxes need to do a little bit more now than to stop mana cut. Mana cut isn’t a big deal nowadays as compared to the slowing of mana which is more prominent in today’s meta (cough…telluria). Maybe the foxes could also be more versatile and block any effect that affects negative mana. Like a manashield minion


You didn’t focus which path when embleming her. If you went the sword path, she would have 865 attack, 765 defense and 1465 health at +20. If you went to the shield path, she would have 780 attack, 819 defense and 1537 health at +20. I guess you were indecisive enough and just tries to make a balance on all of her attributes.


Yes, and since when are foxes doing nothing when their queen gets attacked, they’re no puppy golden retrievers, they would bite opponents and at least add some bleeding over time :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

Correct and focus on health of course. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would go defense on 11 if deciding today, making her more durable especially with Slow White family buff.

I hope their buff isn’t just giving hood +20% more damage and then calling it a day. She needs more supporting effects

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I was pulling heavily for Puss because of that family buff and having freya, no luck :pensive:

Ranger is tbh an awkward class for red hood as she doesn’t benefit from the ranger class. Minion users need health and in her case, Def because the foxes don’t attack.

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she does benefit a bit being ranger (and has too, she is one :smile:) cause she hits on everyone, could be worse.

14% health of 1573 is 220. That your current fox minion’s health.

Taking the sword path, 14% of 1465 is 205. That would be your fox minion’s health on sword path.

Taking the shield path, 14% of 1537 is 215. That would be your fox minion’s health on shield path.

220, 205 and 215 variations of the fox minion’s health. That aint much of a significant difference. The recovered 7% health is not much. If I had her and emblemed her that high, I would have chosen the sword path for stacking and against green titans. However, pure defense nodes also isn’t bad on defense. I liked her before. Now, I have better heroes to spend my rings to.

She’s not doing anymore powerful damage with that 131% aoe effect with piercing damage. I was thinking changing her to druid at first because druid has one of the most health nodes but then realised druid summons their own minions too so it hinders her 3 fox 21% healing per turn. Maybe monk?

The 131% damage isn’t much even with sword path. And on titans, please clarify, would never do that :thinking:

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