Everybodys "My weakest Five" list

Recently we got some really good balance updates for older weaklings - My compliment to SG.
To get more of that everybody should post his/her “my weakest five” legendary rainbow list.
(Please post only legendary heros and only one of each color)

Here is mine:

Red / Green / Blue / Purple / Yellow
Reuben / Zocc / Aegir / Zulag / Guardian OWL


Red / Green / Blue / Purple / Yellow
Cpt.Nemo / Morgan Le Fay / Thorne / Aeron / Justice


Aeron literally just got buffed

Right, Aeron is now quite useable:
• HP regeneration duration: 3 turns → 5 turns
• Status ailment immunity duration: 3 turns → 5 turns

I did not use Aeron for ages and today i gave him some emblems.

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Tyr* / Horghall / Thorne / Zulag / Justice

Edit: this might be Capt Nemo. I maxed Tyr and he sucks. I haven’t started Nemo and he sucks, but my bitterness has not fully bloomed.


I will skip the classics and only post those who I levelled.

Lady Loki / Telluria / Aegir / Quartz / Ranvir


i hope they buff weak heros with existing costumes, too. But i am afraid their motviation to do that is not so high as for others.

I use Zocc all the time. Mana control is such a critical talent. And Guardian Owl is a staple on my VF defense team. :slight_smile:


CB Santa- Fogg- Exeera- Seshat- Devana


Seshat is terrific, man. My alt has her, she’s easily in the upper tier of strong purples.

I’ve read good things about Devana, no direct experience. But Seshat is powerful and versatile.


I will just consider the heroes I have either levelled or sit at 1/1.
They would be Telluria, Aegir, Chakkoszrot, Reuben and Celidana…

What you consider your weakest and what you think needs buffed aren’t necessarily the same.


Excluding non costume S1’s my list is…:

Telluria / Ranvir / Perseus / Anzogh / Costume Domitia (v1)

Vela was a close second in blue, red Anzogh is ok but there is such an age gap between him and my other non s1 reds so he is clearly the worst he only functions cause I use with Wilbur, Purple I don’t use Seshat or Ursena as much cause of the sea of purple tanks but Dom+Costume is the least used. No contest in green and yellow.

Note I use Celidana more than Ranvir, very useful for me on hard stages, plan to use heavily during Styx Tower, and she will be exceptional in rush formats.


Great topic!

Here’s my weakest top 5, not season 1:

Mok-Akk - Guinevere -Fenrir - Margaret - Rueben

I probably had some worse but soul exchange remedied that situation.


That’s my worst team. It means, I have better

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Fair. I admire your luck never to pull Quintus, Grimble, Mok-Arr, Ursena, Domitia, Obakan,or Kunchen.

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Grimble is easily better than seshat with meta shift over time, not sure what type of defenses you fight but minions everywhere now days… especially the stronger ones.

I like seshat, but she hasnt aged as well as grimble who for me is relevant in every war while i can have seshat sit out.

Only s1 I fully ascended was Magni and I fed him for Loki in SE

Fully ascended 5 star heroes

Yellow - Joon, definitely had his moments and the 1st season snipers are still somewhat useful.

Green - Atomos, even with the slow to average mana speed, special just isn’t that great.

Blue - Rafaelle, don’t even use him in rush. Should be average speed.

Red - Tyr, great survivability, but doesn’t have a spot on offense anymore.

Purple - Clarissa, was expecting Gravemaker level when I first ascended her, disappointed.


My better options are:
Chomper, Elizabeth, Emilio, Isrod. Some not leveled.
Tethys, LoLo, Gaillard, Arthur
Viscaro, Lepiota
Kara, c Leonidas, Zuri

I obviously lack in green so Fogg made the list.
Have plenty of 1/1 not included here But honorable mentions to QotH, Lady Loki, Hanitra, Celidana, Arfanias, Grace, Misandra