Brienne/Gunnar on Defence?

I have a Brienne and a Gunnar, and they’re a lot of fun on offense. I’m a little confused about how or whether they work on defense though. What exactly boosts damage when Brienne is hit? Tile damage or just special attack damage? Also, does the spirit link combo also work on defence?

Unfortunately, I can’t see how my defence team works. Anchor’s hero grade puts her as “A” on offense and “C” on defense, so I was confused.

Both of them :wink:

Every hero that takes damage will share 1/n° damage with the remaining heroes.
It works pretty well with DEF bonus (included on Gunnar’s special) and healers.

Any damage instance boosts up the damage buff from Brienne. There is a great synergy between her and Gunnar - since the whole team shares the taken damage, any hit taken by any of your heroes will boost your Brienne buff on all affected heroes.


Thanks! That’s super helpful. I wonder why Anchor put her so low on defence? It sounds like she might actually be more powerful on defence, where Spirit link is easier to pop, and there’s tile damage flying all over the place.

For whatever reason, my current 4* are Caedmon and Sonya :). Any thoughts on which would be better? I’ve basically got Hawkmoon, Gunnar, Friar Tuck, Bane, Brienne, Caedmon and Sonya to play with:

Hawkmoon - Caedmon - Gunnar - Friar Tuck - Brienne
Hawkmoon - Caedmon - Gunnar - Brienne - Sonya

or something else?

The double 4* with exactly the same ability messed up my happy little 3* family!

Honestly, I don’t know why, it has been so long since I’ve used a 3* hero. I would imagine that his criteria would be hero stats (which is why I don’t know - I’m not sure how much defense or attack is a good standard for 3* heroes), hero specials, speed and how their stats compliment their specials (for instance, high attack is good for hitters and high defense/hp for tanks/healers).

The second team is more optimal since Brienne should be placed next to a hitter.

The problem with spirit link and Brienne in defense is coordination.

Use the second variant but put Cademon in a Corner ( mana speed ) and Hawkmoon as flank.

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Thanks. That’s very helpful. Yes, I can see the co-ordination issue. On attack, I can either try to sync the two or just let them run on their own time. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but on defence, syncing would be out. Great point.

And thanks for the suggestion on moving Hawkmoon. I was tucking her in the corner because she feels so squishy, but mana would be a problem back there. Hopefully, the spirit link would help with the squishiness problem.

Oh - something I noticed. Recasting Berserker Fury before it ends doesn’t simply refresh its duration - it wipes the additional bonuses from damage. Important to the syncing questions, I suppose.

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