Brienne vs C. Brienne

Which is greater damage dealt between Brienne’s Attack Buff on allies or Brienne Costume’s Defense Debuff on enemy ?

Another question, How do you optimize or best way to using both ?

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The impact of def down is bigger than the impact of atk up (dealed damage)
So cbrienne gets more use than without costume.

Still I use her sometimes without costume.
Example: when paired with Gunnar the berserk of non costumes Brienne triggers on every hit to all your heroes.


Offense or defense?

When on defense, every tile counts as a hit, while every slashattack also counts as 1 attack. so, on defense, normal brienne will scale up faster. When on offense it is reversed, so defense down scales up faster. But due to the damage-calculation, defense-down causes more damage done then attack-up, so you still might want to use c-brienne in defense as well

Also there is synergy with kailani / gunnar / c gunnar (/wilbur/aegir), as the spiritlink will count every hit 5 (or number of alive heroes) times, giving a tremendous def-down / attack-up

And what about minion heroes i.e. Kvasir? If every hero has let’s say 2 minions and they hit every turn, it is extra 10 hits per turn? Is it good idea to pair C. Brienne with minion makers?

Yes, it’s a good to pair them up since minion strikes add up.

Personally I think it’s really based on your team. I tend to use cBrienne more myself as I use By-Ulf or cHawkmoon on offense for 3* tournaments. I get the attack buff from them, and the defense debuff from cBrienne. But sometimes I’ll switch to Brienne if I require her attack buff so I can use cGunnar for e.g.