The incredible spirit link + increasing attack synergy

Maybe this nothing new to you and I’m just stating the obvious. But with all that minions out there now, I thought it could be interesting for some…

Since I leveled my Brienne a few months ago and haven’t used her that much, I never took a closer look on how her effect works with other hero specials. But soon in S3 another rare and one legendary hero will have that effect, too.

So I became curious and tried Brienne+Wilbur in Atlantis today. And, while not really surprising and I actually expected that, totally worth to be aware of: Once spirit link + Briennes special is active all allies get +20% attack for every single hit any all takes. Taking into account that minions become more relevant that means you can easily get all your allies attack up to +145% (thats where the atk-increase is capped) in only one turn while the enemy has -44% def (if you use Wilbur), as long as your enemy has a few minions. Also any AoE that attacks your team will increase your whole teams atk by +100%, a hit-3 by 60%…

I couldn’t think of any 4 star with this special, though. Or did I miss that? Is there one in beta that has that? That would be great, cause they are easier to obtain then legendaries and therefore could be a great tactic available for many ftp/c2p players, to have better chances with the whole Telluria-Dilemma.

It could potentially also be interesting on titans. With the right timing before the titan casts its special, that synergy could do better than ranvir or wu kong. Not sure though if it practically would work that well due to the timing issue.

Btw, does anyone know where cBriennes defdown is capped?

And do you know any other great synergies that took you a long time to realize they exist?


Is a really solid combo that can help new players push quest or events that an team of same level may get stuck.

You said it your self, the timing. And on this context is a huge factor, you can avoid that for a little while by using mana potions. That will allow you a little extra room for the setup but you will still need to get hit 3/4 times to make it worth it.
To do that you need to invest 4 turns into not doing 3tiles freeze dmg while avoiding using tiles of the color the titan is weak against (is your team strong enough to withstand Titan attacks back to back w/o any healing?).
It also takes a lot more brain power to quickily procress and avoid combinations of tiles that dont cascade than simple going for a tile combination (this procress take even more brain power if you add the difficulty of not using 1 particular color, so now you have 4 colors to work with) all this while trying to stay at a fast peace so you dont waste many seconds.

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Yes, these were pretty much the thoughts that came to my mind when I was writing this. Thanks for elaborating.
Probably again only useful for beginners that are in lack of Wu or any other of the standard Titan-Attack-Boosters. For a long time, when I my roster wasn’t deep enough, I would take Wilbur or Aegir against almost any titan just to keep my team alive. If I had a good hero with this attack increase special, it would have helped a lot… But now not that much anymore. Well, Gullinbursti would work against purple cause he stacks with Ranvir I think.

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